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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

A friend recommended I use Empower Wealth and I am so glad he did. I have found through the many one and one discussions about my circumstances that all is not lost!  I am now filled with faith about my financial future as Empower Wealth has clearly laid the steps to my financial freedom before me. I truly feel empowered with the knowledge I have gained through working with Stuart and Empower Wealth. Thank you!

- Trish January 2019

Emma and I really appreciated the time and effort Rachel and the team put into understanding our personal and financial situation in developing the Property Investment Strategy. The fact that this plan takes into account all aspects of our financial situation such as superannuation and other investments helps to provide a comprehensive plan that we are confident is tailored to us and not just an off-the-shelf recommendation. It also sets a benchmark for where we are and what we want to do, enabling us to later be able to review our progress. Time and money well spent in going through the process that allows us to be confident we are on the right track.

- Matt January 2019

I really appreciate Damien’s help to put my plan together. I have really enjoyed pulling all the information together and getting organised. The plan and discussions around the detail of the plan have allowed me to see the bigger picture for my finances. Now I have to get going to get that first Oz house purchased and improve those cash flows.

- Paul January 2019

Rachel was terrific at communicating to us at a level that we could understand. Her knowledge and professionalism was something we really appreciated. Also being able to go an office in Sydney was helpful to us as we appreciated that personal feel.

- Ross January 2019

Empower Wealth is a passionate group of people who help you succeed with your financial goals through property investment and, just as importantly, implementing a solid money management system.

- Brendon January 2019

Rachel Cole was very enjoyable and knowledgeable to deal with. It was a pleasure working with her.

- Stephen January 2019

I have very limited knowledge of how everything works so it was great to have Dean and his team guiding me through the process from start to end. Thanks for everything.

- David January 2019

My husband & I had a great experience working with Empower Wealth’s Property Investment Advisors. Rachel was so helpful and, as first timers, walked us through the process! We are now starting to work with Empower Wealth’s Buyers Agents — and we cannot wait to start our investment journey!

- Teneale January 2019

Overall, the experience was great! Sarah and the team were always helpful, positive and no question was too silly to answer. They made a difficult process seem relatively straight forward and helped along each step of the process. I made the decision to seek out Empower Wealth’s help as my New Years Resolution of 2018… and by New Years 2019, it was all done, new accounts in place and I’d purchased my next property. The process did take some time, however I’m content having gone through it all now that my accounts and Money SMART system is more user-friendly moving forward, and setup in a way to achieve my goals sooner! Thanks to all the team.

- Angela January 2019

Nicole exceeded our expectations, a very professional yet friendly service!

- Russell January 2019

We loved working with Joel. The questions we as a couple wrestled with over the whole process were hard, but necessary given our financial situation. Joel was very accommodating to our needs and questions, and we highly respected his direction.

- Brendan January 2019

The Mortgage Broking team did exceptionally well keeping me up-to-date and informed throughout the whole loan process and explained each step as we progressed, as well as how to prepare for future steps. Working with them was effortless and stress-free!

- Adam January 2019

Love the team. Very friendly & knowledgeable. Will recommend for my friends.

- Queenie January 2019

Paul has done an amazing job working with the Empower Wealth team to provide an in depth forward plan for Joshua & I. We are extremely happy with the help we’ve received.

- Brendon January 2019

The team at Empower Wealth were very good at what they do. They kept me updated and informed throughout the process. They were also very friendly, which made the process much nicer.

- Trish January 2019

I found that Empower Wealth team did a good job at explaining things and clarifying thing, especially Brendan and Michael. The process was smooth and easy. I am now looking forward to putting them into action.

- Piyada January 2019

I have recently used the Empower Wealth team to aid in the purchase of my first investment property. Shout out to Dean and the Mortgage Broking team, as well as Christa who acted as my Buyers Agent. I felt comfortable every step of the way through the regular phone and email correspondence, the whole process ran smoothly. Thanks again to everyone who helped out!

- Keaton January 2019

Paul is an excellent consultant to deal with. He finds that happy balance between professional service and creating a free and relaxed attitude. I feel very confident moving forward in his and the whole team’s hands.

- Jackson January 2019

Thank you for your attention to detail in putting our plan together. We are really excited about our wealth building journey.

- Yasemin December 2018

Empower Wealth have been wonderful in realising our dreams and making them become reality.

- David December 2018

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