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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Brendan (and the team) provided invaluable assistance, guidance and expert knowledge on what we thought were probably trivial questions. Brendan was always available to discuss any queries we had a in a timely manner. We are happy with the plan and feel secure we will be able to enjoy our retirement. If you are hesitant and sitting on the fence — contact Empower Wealth NOW for an initial discussion — it will lift the fog and clear things immensely.

- Chris and Kim, QLD September 2019

Working with David from Empower Wealth has been the best decision we made. We have learned so much and now have a plan going forward that we can easily follow and sets our family up for a comfortable future. The whole process has been a breeze and is worth every cent. We are looking forward to working with David and the team into the future as follow our plan and invest in property.

- Ryan, VIC September 2019

Prior to meeting with Empower Wealth, we were unclear on a strategy moving forward. Following our meetings with Empower Wealth, we were able to develop a clear plan to give us direction on our journey of purchasing a new principal place of residence, also with an investment strategy in place for the future.

- Corey, VIC September 2019

I have worked with Dean an the team on a number of occasions and they have always provided excellent service and a great outcome.

- Arturo September 2019

My experience with Empower Wealth has been great so far. Stuart was able to provide me with a Property Plan to help me visualise what my second investment property should include. The biggest gain I found from his services was the future projections on my portfolio after purchasing IP2. This made it much clearer to me that buying again would be a good investment choice. I feel that engaging with Empower Wealth has been a great decision for myself, and one that can set myself up for a comfortable lifestyle in the future. If I didn’t engage with them I know that its something I would be thinking about for another year and not acting upon.

- Adam, NSW September 2019

Bryan was exceptional. His attention to detail, and customer care is exceptional. Always available, works hard to establish relationships and always calls you back, right there to guide you the whole way through. I often found myself going back to Bryan on everything because of the established trust relationship.

- Christopher, VIC September 2019

You have been very helpful for us to get a better understanding of our set-up, and how to maximise our finances. We are very happy with the results.

- Daniel, NSW September 2019

Our experience at Empower Wealth has been fantastic and exceeded our expectations in all regards. We travelled from interstate to meet David, our QPIA, and after the first meeting we immediately knew we would like to engage in their services. The whole process from beginning to end was really enjoyable and professional and David did a great job helping us through each step and creating a tailored plan that really aligned with what we wanted to do in the future. The plan itself is simply incredible and goes into great detail without being overly complicated. We especially liked how it was ultra conservative and gave us the reassurance that we would still be able to hold onto our properties into the future has circumstances changed. Empower Wealth have given us the confidence to begin investing in property and the plan has given us a solid blueprint to follow into the future.

- Daniel, SA September 2019

Paul undertook a thorough review of our situation to ascertain the best plan for us moving forward. We were pleased there was no pushiness at all and were thrilled that our strategy was finalised in the manner that was appropriate for our current and planned lifestyles. It is possible to have the best of both worlds.

- Jo, VIC September 2019

Michael and all the team at Empower have been amazing. Always on hand to answer questions when needed and with a wealth of knowledge and good advice during our meetings. Michael tailored my partner and my needs individually and provided the best package for both of us respectively.

- James, VIC September 2019

After a few meetings with David at Empower Wealth my partner and I now have much more clarity and confidence in which pathway to take on our property journey. I look forward to dealing with Empower Wealth in the future. Cheers!

- Joshua, VIC September 2019

I would recommend that anyone buying a property use Empower Wealth as their buyers advocate. Initially the fee seems like a big lump of money but when you consider the fact that they are professional negotiators and can save you thousands on the purchase price, and the fact that you are far more likely to end up with the right property with good yields and capital growth, the fees are a very good investment. The whole process was handled very professionally with great communication at all stages and it gave me the confidence that I’ve purchased the right properties.

- Christopher, NSW September 2019

Empower Wealth did an amazing job with our property investment. They communicated and explained everything so comprehensively, and they were really nice people too! They were very honest with us about the process and did their utmost to set us up for success.

- Fiona September 2019

Empower Wealth is a one-stop house for developing investment strategy, helping in the mortgage solution and getting a Buyer’s Agent to identify the right location and property for the right budget. They are professional and understand the  buyer’s viewpoint to advice and guide.

- Santanu September 2019

A great end to end professional service, our Buyers Agent was clearly the best in the business.

- Stephen September 2019

Liz and the team at Empower were great in helping us understand and carefully chose appropriate cover of income protection, TPD and Trauma insurance to help protect our assets and any future assets we have planned (in a Property Portfolio Plan also completed by Empower!). They we also fantastic in helping us compare and assess our super funds to make sure we are getting the most out of it. Liz and the team were very helpful, knowledgeable and always very cheerful! They were an absolute pleasure to deal with! Thanks again for all the hard work and help!

- Jarrad September 2019

Amazing team and Sarah has been a real gem.

- Izabela September 2019

I was very happy with Paul and his engagement with me as I was going through this service.

- Karla September 2019

Matt was wonderful — readily available and always happy to talk through our queries. Would highly recommend!

- Adam September 2019

Matthew Styles is a very friendly and informative broker. He was able to understand my situation and communicate information appropriately.

- Calum September 2019

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