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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

I was a skeptic – who is as interested in my own financial situation more than me? BUT I know professionally there is value in talking to people who have experience (I only look at our finances, The Empower team looks at many). So I took my own professional advice and most definitely was rewarded. The experience knowledge and learnings that the team have applied to this model and plan is first class.
The entire customer experience has been fantastic, collaborative, easy, even fun. My husband and I had one main question we wanted answered in the short term and Rachel delivered a measured analytical response in a very timely manner. This gave me a great deal of confidence in the process and the model, which of course has eased my concern over our future. I look forward to all future interactions with the Empower Wealth team and am definitely considering using other services.

- Terri December 2018

I am very happy with the team at Empower Wealth, they have saved us money on all our insurances.

- Tracey December 2018

We have used every service provided by Empower Wealth and have found the staff in every area to be without exception, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.

- Michael December 2018

Thanks for Syd & the team for providing myself and my family with the best insurance options for us. It has been great working with Syd on our journey and he has been really helpful in explaining everything that we have come across. Thanks again!

- Daniella December 2018

Top of the game topped by excellent service!!

- Arvind December 2018

It was great working with Stuart on the strategy. He was very professional and at the same time provided good advice.

- Santanu December 2018

The whole team are awesome!!! From the get go everyone makes the process simple and ensure you have an understanding to what is going on before proceeding to the next step. It has been a pleasure working with everyone and I look forward to the continuing with the journey. Happy Days! 🙂

- David December 2018

I really enjoyed working with Damien. He’s been great in explaining things like the Money SMARTS system and how I should be structuring my finances. I found every meeting we had to be valuable because I’m always learning something new.

- Alan December 2018

Karen and Laura from the team were both lovely to work with! I appreciate the communication updates and the help/education I got for addressing any of my concerns. I felt supported and they were always there to help in any way possible.

- Alan December 2018

Stuart have been very helpful and professional at every step of the process on building our Property Portfolio Plan.

- Mark December 2018

The expertise and customer service to customise the plan to our needs and life situation was absolutely gold. The genuineness and friendliness of the planners also helped us get to a place of clarity and confidence to make a wise decision to invest for our future. We felt that Empower Wealth were our personal advocates and partners, not just providers of financial services.

- Michael December 2018

The overall Empower Wealth service was fantastic with a very clear and precise execution of the SMSF brief. Jake was a pleasure to work with and provided excellent communication and delivered on finding and securing an investment grade property that I’m extremely happy with. An excellent overall service well integrated with their Mortgage Broker and Financial Planning teams. A pleasure to deal with and very professional.

- Greg December 2018

This is the 2nd time we have used the Mortgage Broking services at Empower Wealth and both times have been seamless and easy. Dean and his team are very responsive, thorough and really easy to deal with. I really appreciate they check our completed documents before sending them back to the mortgage lender to make sure we have completed everything correctly. It gives me that extra piece of mind that everything is filled out correctly!

- Erika December 2018

As a young couple who are only starting out on both our financial management and investment journey, Brendan & Empower Wealth have provided us with clarity and direction around our future and where we want to end up. Planning so far in advance was a little daunting at first, however with Brendan’s assistance, we were able to generate a plan moving forward.

- Jacob and Ali December 2018

Outstanding property partner — A to Z service are extremely valuable for me (plan, broker, purchase and rent). I will be purchasing a property with Empower Wealth soon and plan to continue working with Empower Wealth to execute my property plan.

- Anthony December 2018

Stuart have been very helpful and professional at every step of the process on building our Property Portfolio Plan.

- Mark December 2018

From the podcast and Money SMARTS system to the professional services, it’s been hard to fault you guys. Incredible value and we’re super glad we’ve been working with you through the beginning stages our property investment journey. The speed at which you moved to keep us in front of the ball was amazing! Thanks a million to the whole team.

- Wayne and Jen December 2018

Stuart, thanks for all of your help building our Property Portfolio Plan. Benn and I have really enjoyed the process and feel a lot more confident about our investment journey and being able to fund the next stage of our lives – starting a family. I love the level of detail provided and the road map to our self-funded retirement. Thank you!

- Brianna December 2018

Sarah is a great Mortgage Broker to work with. She is very knowledgeable and can always find the right loan for your needs.

- Kel December 2018

Liz walked us through a range of products available to us before developing her recommendations. She made things very easy to understand as the Life Insurance and Income Protection policies can be rather difficult to understand. Sam helped us through the application process and it was great that both Sam and Liz were able to be so flexible when we weren’t happy with some of the conditions of the first provider. Now we can rest easy knowing we have the appropriate cover in place.

- Brodie December 2018

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