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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Empower Wealth Property Portfolio Plan gave my wife and I more comfort in knowing what our financial position will be through out our future plans, including when we would comfortably be able to purchase and hold for the long term an investment property,

- Daniel, VIC

We can’t thank Stuart enough for his help developing our Property Portfolio Plan and putting plans and strategies in place to help us achieve our financial goals in the future. Very easy and efficient to deal with would recommend him to anyone!

- Ben

I’ve recently had dealings with Matt Skehan from Empower Wealth and found him very impressive to work with. Very professional, great guy and works really hard to get his clients the best property at the best price. Highly recommended.

- Daniel

Thank you Empower Wealth for a wonderful service. I am at the beginning of my journey but have been looking for a service like this that I can trust for years. Stuart Bartram was so helpful when putting together my plan and it now feels so achievable. Thank you.

- Vanessa, NSW

Very happy with the advice and support provided by whole Empower Wealth team throughout the process of purchasing my second investment property. I chose to use the buyers agent & mortgage broking service and was impressed by the options presented to me, communication, timeline & ease of the entire process from confirming my budget through to settlement. Their flexibility to communicate with me after hours via Zoom and via email was great as I live rurally and work full time.

- Teena, NSW

Very happy with how everything came together with Plan. Our advisor Brendan was excellent to deal with and has delivered a plan that we feel will secure our financial future. We definitely recommend Empower Wealth to anyone who is serious in getting professional knowledge and advice and having a written plan that is tailored to their specific wants and needs.

- Daniel

Dealing with Simon, Jade and the rest of the Empower Wealth mortgage broking team as a stand alone experience was fantastic, but using them in conjunction with the buyers agency service was where thing really came into there own! Having the two teams working together and having a central file of all my important info made the whole process 100% hassle free. I would highly recommend their services to anyone, and did in fact recommend them to my sister who is looking purchase… but she instead chose to completely ignore my sage advice and went for a pre-approval with Suncorp because “I do my banking with them”.  Don’t fall victim the same “I told you so” wrath I will be subjecting her to in 5 years time, give the team a call!

- Ryan

My partner and I are 33 – 34 years old. Although we are both relatively good with the way we manage money, we needed that extra expertise and accountability when it came to an investment strategy. This is what Empower Wealth gave us.  I’m excited to see how quickly we can develop and grow our port folio and this plan makes it feel well and truly in reach.  Thank you to our Qualified Property Investment Advisor, Mortgage Broker and Financial Planner for you assistance thus far.

- Matthew

A very comprehensive analysis of my personal situation that gives me confidence on the best steps I can take moving forward with my financial journey.

- Matt, VIC

Great communication and service from Matthew and his team at Empower Wealth. They made sure we were kept informed every step of the way through to post settlement.

- Geoff, VIC

Matt have been fantastic from day 1. Matt was very transparent and kept the communication seamless. I would prefer to have Matt as my BA in my future. I am super pleased with the property that is shortlisted and also all the stakeholders (Property Management Company, Conveyancing Company etc..). Well Done Matt & Laura!

- Subbaiah, VIC

The Broking team was excellent in helping us refinance our loan and get us the maximum borrowing power for our first investment property.

- Barbara, WA

To sensibly and effectively be involved in property investment you need expert guidance. That involves a team of people who can accurately model/forecast your proposed strategies. Without the knowledge or tools you cannot do this yourself. And, ironically, depending on your age and circumstances, that doesn’t always means focusing on property exclusively. Sometimes alternative investments such as superannuation are preferable. However you look at it, and wherever you are in life, with an organisation like Empower Wealth to guide you then you are in a position to make informed decisions. My greatest regret is not doing this twenty years ago. If you take nothing else away from what I have said then consider this: I now need to make compromises in my retirement. Had I consulted with Empower Wealth even ten years ago I would be better off today.

- Craig, VIC

Was extremely impressed with Sam and Syden, I was more dragging the chain with not having the time to get back to them more promptly. They followed up and had great and professional communication, so I always knew what was required, outstanding or what the current actions were. They were most patient and thorough in answering my questions and providing feedback. Have already recommended empower to friends and family for the property and financial services/ advice. Most impressed!

- Lauren, VIC

The Mortgage Broking team at Empower Wealth are very knowledgeable and were extremely helpful through the whole process from start to finish.

- Khan, VIC

Working with Joel has been wholly worthwhile and an educational experience. I walked into Empower Wealth with uncertainties about property investment choices for the future and the regular meetings I’ve had with Joel as well as listening to the property couch podcast have helped develop my understand of property investing. It has given me confidence in making the decision to appropriately target the appropriate first investment property with my current financial status. The property portfolio plan has also been provided a clear illustration of how future property purchases could look like, and how they would affect my cashflows, which always been difficult for me to wrap my head around.

- Matthew, VIC

We couldnt have been happier with Syden’s service. He had a thorough knowledge of the different products available and was able to match us with the those that will best suit us moving forward. Thanks.

- Ben, NSW

Jake and his team provided an excellent service in our investment property journey to financial independence. Getting our second investment property in SA has never been so stress-free with Jake and the team’s help and Simon for his mortgage loan structuring. Thank you all.

- Chee Yong, VIC

I came to Empower Wealth to get some guidance and advice for growing an investment property portfolio and retire on more than $2k a week. Rachel was fantastic and very knowledgeable. I am incredibly grateful for the experience. I highly recommend Empower Wealth for their services.

- Trung, NSW

David has been fantastic to work with and obviously has a real enthusiasm for the job. I especially enjoyed that he had knowledge not only specific to investing in property but also around shares and was able to incorporate that into our plan. Thank you David.

- Adrian, VIC

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