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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Sarah and her team are extremely professional. They guided us through the lending and paperwork involved with our 2nd IP purchase. We used them for our first and we will come back to them when looking at a 3rd in the future!!

- Jane, NSW

Brendan did an excellent job of explaining how to reach our passive goals of income through using not only the Money SMARTS system, but when best to invest in property. His pathway gave us clear goals on how we can reach our ultimate goal.

- Cherh, VIC

Bede as our mortgage broker gave a good grasp on the fundamentals of how to best borrow to get the best outcome for my personal needs. He was in constant contact with me for every step along the way.

- Cherh, VIC

Matt Skehan did a great job, make me feel comfortable in the whole process of buying property which can be a scary process. He went through every process step by step and there was never a rush. Keep up the good work.

- Cherh, VIC

Nicole has done a fantastic job getting me a great price for this off-market opportunity, set me a good start of my profile. Along the journey, Nicole has always been the one that I can rely on. She offered professional advice when I needed and has been patient and engaging whenever I feel uncertain. It was a slow start from Xmas and has been a challenge situation with Covid. But overall experience with her is a very enjoyable one. I’d definitely recommend her to my friends.

- Tansy, VIC

Matt and the team were excellent in assisting us restructure our lending to enable us to buy our dream home. His expert advice was clear, considered and left us feeling highly confident we were being provided the best possible options. We can now retain our investment portfolio plus buy our own home, something we did not think possible. There is no doubt the Empower mortgage broking team work in the best interests of their clients, I could not recommend them highly enough for investment or own home lending needs.

- Tim, QLD

Liz and Sam were fantastic throughout the whole process. I was previously with a different Financial planing company but I switched to Empower Wealth after I had a free consultation with Liz. Liz was able to pin point some areas where I could invest better and also save some money on insurances. The advice and friendly service Liz and Sam offered made the change over very easy. Legends!

- Jesse, QLD

Luke and his team were brilliant to deal with and I can’t recommend them highly enough if you are looking for an investment savvy mortgage broker. They were able to navigate the complexities of arranging finance for an expat, they were always very friendly to deal with and were very fast at responding to all questions. Please don’t hesitate to give Luke / Empower Wealth a call if you are after a great mortgage broker.

- Mark, London

My partner and I believed that we were pretty switched on when it came to our financial situation and life goals. The rewarding part of speaking with Empower Wealth was that while we were on the right track, David was able to highlight areas of improvement and waste on our behalf that would benefit us in the future. David is easy to talk to and we were extremely impressed with his graphs that displayed our financial future up until retirement which showed proof of what could be achieved. As a younger couple, we highly recommend that everyone speaks to a financial advisor and especially with David and the team at Empower Wealth.

- Michael, VIC

My wife and I sleep more easily in the knowledge that the Empower Wealth team are there for us to help make decisions for our future. Empower Wealth have assisted us in clearly understanding how property investment works, and how to utilise this to meet our retirement goals.

- Marcus, VIC

Elvin did a fantastic job in explaining to me how insurances work. It was a real eye opener and I have learnt a lot during the process. Elvin was very easy to deal with and always available to help with any questions or concerns I had. He is very client focused and I’m convinced he is always working in the best interest of his clients.

- Michael, NSW

Buying my first investment property in as a single expat in my 40s had me feeling very anxious and unsettled. Dean and his team were very patient with me, and took me through the process, clearly explaining each step of the way . They took the time to listen to my concerns, educated me as to my options and through this process I gained knowledge and confidence and am now extremely happy with the outcome.

- Nicola, NSW

Matthew, Katie and the team at Empower have been amazing throughout my whole purchase process. Despite some hurdles Matthew was able to get a product that suits my need and has allowed me to purchase my first home. I really could not be happier with the service and help I received along the way.

- Stephen

It was definitively clear from my first meeting with Liz, that she possessed immense experience in her field. Her ability to explain processes and provide information in a concise and easily understandable manner further cemented that belief.
With Liz and Hong’s assistance, i am far more comfortable with both my future as well as my security should anything happen to me. Thank you Liz and Hong.

- Leon, VIC

The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. They explained not only the products but how they suited us and the reporting was on point. Very clear and easy to ready. Job well done.

- Daniel, NSW

I think it has been great for us in that it has provided us with some direction. We know what we need to do to reach our goals instead of wondering and worrying each day.

- Christian, VIC

Our experience with Empower Wealth has been invaluable. From beginning to end, our Property Investment Advisor went above and beyond. We were presented with multiple pathways and had the freedom to choose and focus on the one that suited our goals best. Throughout the process, our advisor spent time educating us and discussing our future purchases in detail in clear, simple terms that we were easily able to understand. This process has given us enormous confidence in our future; confidence that I don’t believe we would have found nor believed possible without Empower Wealth.

- Amy, WA

I started with Empower Wwealth not knowing what I needed to achieve a comfortable retirement or what was possible. I found the process to be very thorough and everything explained in an easy to understand way. At the end I have a much better idea of managing our money at the moment and what can be achieved in the future.

- Damien Andersen, QLD

Brendan and the team at Empower Wealth continually demonstrated a high level of knowledge and professionalism throughout the journey. I am more than happy with the service provided.

- Isaac, NSW

Information was delivered so we could fully understand our options. Staff were very friendly and easy to deal with. I felt confident that my best interests were being met throughout the process.

- Stacey, NSW

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