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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Working with Paul, Christa, Matt, Jake and Liz across most areas of Empower Wealth has been seamless and incredibly professional. Their clear communication, considered strategy and quick follow up has been great and I would definitely recommend them for all their services.

- Rouba

Working with Brendan was great. The process was smooth and the professionalism that they gave me was top and no complaints at all. He always comes down to my level of understanding and always use simple words so that I am educated as well. A great service and it was a pleasure working with Empower Wealth.

- Takuya

To say that I’m glad to have used the Empower Wealth Buyers Agent team is a huge understatement! As a first home buyer, I would have been utterly overwhelmed by the entire process had it not been for the lovely guidance of the team, in particular Nicole Slade.  From the searching process all the way through to settlement, I felt encouraged but never pushed, educated and confident in making one of the bigger decisions of my life to date. Nicole is excellent at her job, her communication and personality is a delight to work and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. The conduct of the team in coordinating with agents, B&P inspectors, solicitors etc. was smooth and professional. I highly recommend them and will use again.

- Anna, QLD

I found the Empower Wealth group to be very professional, understanding, patient and most of all, knowledgeable in the field that they service.

- Kapil

Amazing service and professionalism from “Team Dean”. Dean himself was fantastic and ensured I was on the same page and kept up to date from start to finish. Also big shout out to Jade, Jamille and David who were very prompt and efficient assisting with the admin support to ensure everything was seamless and organised. Couldn’t rate any higher!

- Cameron

Simon, May and Jade were excellent in refinancing all of my loans, which took nearly a year to settle. There was a hiccup when I tried to refinance my IP loan last year and could not settle due to complication with the bank. With Simon’s expertise, he was able to re-structure my home loan and IP loans correctly and refinance to another lender in the current strict lending environment. Simon is now helping me to secure a pre-approval for my next IP. Thanks Simon, May and Jade.

- Chee

I am one of these people that is ‘paralysed by procrastination’ and over analysises everything! Once I took the step to get my Plan done by the professional Property Investment Advisor I sat on this for 2 years, even though the facts & figures stated I was in a good position to execute the plan. 2 years later, I took the step & engaged a Buyers Agent to assist with my investment purchase and the assistance I got was so much more than I ever thought. I have now purchased a property & have been put in touch with a property manager that is a superstar & has made the whole purchase such a fuss-free process, particularly as I was overseas on holidays when settlement happened. It certainly does help having professionals around you, guiding you every step of the way. Money well spent! Thank you Empower Wealth.

- Elizabeth

Sarah and her team was absolutely brilliant! Due to my circumstances, finding finance was a bit challenging; but due to Sarah’s experience, she was able to secure finance with a lender I thought wouldn’t be possible. I was fully informed the whole time and, having not gone through the process before, Sarah was very happy to answer any questions I had. Thank you Sarah & Jade! You made the whole process so easy!

- Cass

We initially reached out to Empower Wealth in early 2019 as we were looking to purchase an investment property with the hope of gaining some capital growth over 3-5 years which could then be rolled into our primary goal of buying a Principal Place of Residence (PPR) in Sydney. The initial consultation introduced us to the idea of building a Property Portfolio Plan, which would help us achieve our primary goal and improve our nest egg upon retirement. The process of building our Property Portfolio Plan was structured in an easy, straight forward way, despite being extremely detailed. Our Property Investment Advisor, Stuart Bartram, guided us through the process over a number of months. He was very patient with us during the process, as we often took a while to respond to his questions and requests for further information due to work and home commitments. He would stay on top of us, sending polite reminders of what was outstanding, which was appreciated. After looking at our initial numbers, Stuart pointed out that we may be better off going for our primary goal of buying a PPR in Sydney sooner rather than later.
The process of drilling into where your money has been going in recent times, in order to project future expenditure as accurately as possible for the model, was eye opening. It’s not often you sit down and dive into that type of detail on your personal finances. When you do, you realise how quickly the discretionary spending adds up!
Once we’d provided all the necessary details, our Plan was finalised, reviewed by a second member of the Empower Wealth team and presented to us within a few weeks. The Plan is very detailed, summarising our current and anticipated future financial position if we stick to the model. After all the hard work sifting through the details of our finances, we’re currently looking to buy our “dream home” in Sydney by the end of 2019. The process of building the plan gave us the confidence to know that we can afford to go for the PPR now if we better track our expenditure & stick to the model outlined in the Plan going forward.

- Nathan & Nadia, NSW

Jake was very attentive to detail and explained well why he recommended the selected property.

- Thi, QLD

Matt took the time to understand my needs and expectations, and was able to follow through in delivery of an excellent service.

- Omar

Great place for getting to know about property, end to end.

- Santanu, NSW

Both Damien and Simon have been exceptional in our dealings. They have been patient, answered questions whenever needed and approached us in a courteous and respectful manner.

- Brad, QLD

We were very happy with Thomas Lynch and his team, we were up to date at all times and the service was always professional.

- Stephanie

Liz was thorough and understood our needs and so was able to tailor options that suited our family.

- Mark

I  would like to say a huge Thanks to Simon and his team for assisting us in achieving our finance and structuring our loans to enable us to continue on our investment journey. Having the expertise to get the structure correct was my biggest concern, and Team Simon has achieved our goal. I would not hesitate to recommend this Mortgage Broking team to everyone and we feel fortunate to have them on our side. Thanks Simon, May & Jade.

- Nicola

Paul really got to know us and what our future big rocks were. He helped us understand where we could go and had no issue answering all my questions. This has really changed our life.

- Michelle

Simon Gillespie’s technical knowledge is exceptional, and his eagerness to assist with my needs as a client was second to none (Simon assisted throughout the whole process, also providing advice during the negotiations stage based on his experience as a property investor).

- Nigel

I would like to thank the Mortgage Broking team for planning the journey so smoothly. I would like to mention Dean and Jade, who handled everything like a boss and especially Jade when there were a few dramas with the bank. I would highly recommend the Empower Wealth team for precise detailing of your loan structure and stress-free loan journey for your home!

- Roy

Simon, May and the Team at Empower Wealth offered us great advice and support with our refinance application.

- Jarrod

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