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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Stuart and Empower Wealth have provided us with a roadmap for financial security. The Money SMARTS system turned our financial decline around and allowed us to track our money and to allocate and distribute it in a far more efficient manner. The Property Portfolio Plan has given us an achievable plan to build wealth and independence for our future. We now have peace of mind going forward.  Stuart considered our individual situation and tailored a plan which took into account our current and future needs. He was realistic and informative. We are very happy with the outcome and very impressed with the service we were provided.

- Belinda & Paul, NSW

The amazing volume of knowledge provided by the Empower Wealth team will change not only my future but all those around me who can learn from improved decision making at critical junctures in their lives. Thank you for improving my financial literacy and and empowering me to improve my wellbeing and those around me. The ongoing free advice on The Property Couch is full of ‘gold’. May those on the journey pay it forward as you have done. THANK YOU

- Liz, VIC

We were apprehensive at first, but Bryan and the team at Empower made the whole process really easy and straight forward. We secured a property at fair market value and we’re happy with the outcome.

- Howard

Simon and his team were awesome! They took all the stress and worry out of everything. Couldn’t have asked for a smoother process.

- Owen, NSW

Nicole was the fourth buyers agent I have engaged over the last 10 years and definitely the best!
After reviewing my brief to purchase in Melbourne, Nicole was able to source properties that met my criteria while exhibiting in depth knowledge of the different type of properties in each of the locations that we considered and eventually shortlisted.  I especially love the way Nicole approaches her craft including the way she presents properties under consideration in an email format that is clear, concise and very informative. I would then converse with her over the pros and cons of each property in a process of elimination before arriving at my preferred property.
Prior to auction we also discussed the price we expected the property to sell for and the maximum price we agreed to pay without any regrets. I then used Nicole’s auction skills and she was able to purchase my property $1 above the next highest bidder which was much appreciated. I was also impressed with the set up post auction and in the lead up to settlement. Nicole and Mitch ensured that there was a clear line of communication between my mortgage broker, conveyancer and Empower Wealth so that important aspects ranging from the deposit, building insurance, lending and conveyancing was never overlooked.
Finally Nicole was able to recommend a great property management team that conducted the pre-settlement inspection with a checklist to ensure things were in order prior to settlement as well as vetting a list of potential tenants and providing me with feedback on them.
I highly recommend Nicole as she is not only a great buyers agent but has a warm and friendly personality which made me very relaxed when conversing with her. I intend to use Empower Wealth for my next purchase and I will insist on having Nicole source my next investment property.

- Kevin, NSW

Excellent advice around cash flow and tax benefit from property minded professionals. Very difficult to find!!

- Matt, VIC

Syd was excellent at explaining the a complex real of superannuation and life insurances in an easy to understand way giving real world scenarios.

- Matt, VIC

It was our first time using a buyer’s agent and we can not recommend this service enough, especially with Christa. She has made our journey so easy, exciting and enjoyable at the same time. The whole process is very straight forward and communication is always excellent. Empower Wealth truly has the best team out there.

- Chealse, VIC

Thanks Paul and the team at Empower Wealth. The whole process was extremely valuable . It has made the path forward to retirement and beyond a lot clearer. Thanks very much.

- Michael, Saudi Arabia

The overall experience is easy and went very smooth, looking forward to the next purchase.

- Rodney, QLD

Building a successful property portfolio seemed so elusive before engaging with Empower Wealth but after spending time with David, my wife and I now feel much more confident about our future plans. We really valued his initial fact finding about us and using that to do detailed modelling for our future. At each step David ran through multiple scenarios and gave good, honest explanations behind his advice. We highly recommend his expertise, especially for those like us who wanted to start a property portfolio for a long time but weren’t quite sure how!

- Joon, NSW

EW have been extremely professional throughout the whole development phase of my Property Portfolio Plan. David was a pleasure to deal with, extremely knowledgeable and able to explain complex issues in a manner that could be understood by anyone. I would highly recommend this service to anyone serious about property investing.

- Hannes, VIC

As a Property Couch listener, Matt is the epitome of what Ben and Bryce’s teachings, the fundamentals of property investing etc, for me that is huge because as a new property investor I am getting a consistent message on how it should be. I really like on many occasions that Matt goes above and beyond on giving us tips and tricks on how to go about not only the buying side of things but beyond property ownership (that is super helpful). You got a happy and a soon to be return customer right here. Well done Matt and team!

- Ronnel, VIC

Bede and his team were always very accommodating with information and I always felt that Bede was understanding of our situation. Bede was always available and would call himself at anytime there was progress or offering an update.

- Derek & Bec, NSW

I am pleased that I made the decision to create a plan. The planning process helped me. understand the saying “know your numbers”. It answered some questions, provided some certainty on previously held assumptions and provided a goal to keep me on track.

- Joe, NSW

We love Empower Wealth! The team gave us the tools and confidence to implement a strategy in property investment that allows us to know we are making the right choices, but still be involved as we love the game!

- Amelia, NSW

Couldn’t be more satisfied with the whole process. We are very risk adverse people but the team put as at ease at every stage with the right amount of detail and information we needed to make the right decisions for us. You all transform lives and should be very proud of the change you make.

- Rochelle, VIC

Luke was very professional in helping us setup a new loan which better suited our circumstances. He was approachable and very knowledge, and able to answer all the questions we had. Thanks Luke!

- Daniel, NSW

The buyers agent team at EW are fantastic, very structured and are specialists in what they do. Bryan was brilliant right from the start and his understanding of the local Brisbane market was fundamental to us choosing the right property for us. Overall awesome team of professionals!!

- Navin, VIC

As a first-time property investors, it was great to have Empower Wealth to create a projection plan for us to give us a clear picture of what we needed to do to retire comfortably. It’s been about 3 years since we first reached out to Empower Wealth and they have helped us set up the correct mortgages for our properties to give us the best structure based on our individual situation and our plan. We’re about to purchase our third property without cross-collateralisation, so that we have complete control, NOT the banks! We highly recommend Empower Wealth. They have an excellent conservative approach. They a great process and communication throughout!!

- Greg & Karen, VIC

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