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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

The Power of Knowledge – Property Education is King

Property EducationFor those who listen to The Property Couch podcast, it’s no secret that Empower Wealth Founder and Managing Director, Ben Kingsley, is on a crusade to help everyday Australians “up” their knowledge when it comes to property investing and property education.

Having spent over 25 years increasing his own knowledge to become an expert in this area, and witnessing the devastating consequences that can occur to those who cop “advice” from property spruikers, Ben chats to Your Investment Property magazine about the power — and undeniable importance — of knowledge and property education.


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He is one of Australia’s most prolific property investment advisors, in demand not just across the country but internationally as well. Indeed, Ben Kingsley has accomplished much since he acquired his first property at 23 years of age. By gathering knowledge — both free and paid education — the Founder and Managing Director of Empower Wealth has been able to avoid the pitfalls of poor decision-making.

“People talk about investing 10,000 hours to be able to master the understanding or application of something, and I agree. I’ve pretty much spent 25 years of my life learning about residential property and personal finance management.”.

For Kingsley, the dogged pursuit of success will enable him to retire well, while still maintaining a strong finance base for his family.

“My goal is to generate $160,000 a year in passive income by the age of 50. This will give me and my family the ultimate choice in life, to do the things we love doing and have the experiences that bring happiness into our lives.”

To increase your own knowledge in property finance and money management, check out these useful educational resources:

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The Armchair Guide to Property Investing (book) — Ben, along with Empower Wealth Partner Bryce Holdaway, explain how to retire on $2,000 per week without impacting the family budget, outlining useful tips and proven formulas to retire with a passive income for life.

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