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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

New or established – which makes a better investment?

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When it comes to investing in property, do you go New or Established? This is not a new point. The common debate for a Property Investor is usually, “Should I invest in new properties or established ones?”. If you are constantly asking yourself this, you are not alone. It is usually an initial part of anyone’s property investment journey and sometimes, investors don’t even have a fixed answer themselves.To make matters worse, there are very significant benefits to newer properties such as the tax depreciation and more. But equally as important, established properties are usually in more mature suburbs that promises higher capital growth.

To help you out, Bryce Holdaway, Empower Wealth’s Director, Property Advisor and Buyers Agent and Co-Host of Location Location Location Australia explains why he prefers established properties and what benefits will it bring during his interview with Kevin Turner from Click on the picture above to listen to the radio podcast.

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