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Bryce Holdaway

Head of Marketing

Bryce is a Partner at Empower Wealth and Co-Host of Relocation Relocation Australia and Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel. A qualified Buyers Advocate and Financial Planner, Bryce holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Real Estate Agent Licence and Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning).

Bryce Holdaway’s appetite for property spans eighteen years starting when he first stumbled upon Jan Somers’ book – ‘Building Wealth through Investment Property’ in 1994. Bryce was studying to be an Accountant at the time but was frustrated with the well-worn path of accounting and knew somehow he would make a career out of property.

Fast forward a few years and Bryce is now one of Australia’s foremost property experts and commentators. Originally from Perth, for the past 15 years he’s been actively assisting home buyers and investors (nationally and internationally) to purchase property in every state and territory in Australia.

As Partner of Empower Wealth, Bryce’s philosophy is that property investment is “simple but not easy”. In his role, he works with buyers looking to buy their next family home and first time investor’s right through to experienced property portfolio builders who are seeking to create a life changing retirement lifestyle.

Bryce is also the co-host of Relocation Relocation Australia and Location Location Location Australia on the Lifestyle Channel giving him unprecedented access and knowledge of Australia’s property hotspots.

Professionally, he holds an Accounting Degree, a Diploma in Financial Services as well as a Full Real Estate License and this unique collection of qualifications, along with almost a decade and a half of experience in the property industry, allows Bryce to relate well to all types of property buyers.

A regular keynote speaker on the property speaker’s circuit, including the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth Property Expos as well as professional events around the country, he prides himself on making complex property concepts simple and easy to understand. He has contributed feature articles in Money Magazine; columns in Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor and Smart Property Investment magazines; sought after commentary in numerous national publications; and has been interviewed on The Project (Channel 10), ABC News, 2GB and 2UE (Sydney), 3AW and MTR (Melbourne), 4BC (Brisbane) and 7HOFM (Tasmania) all relating to property.

Personable and down to earth, Bryce lives in Melbourne with his wife and his two young sons.


Facebook: Bryce Holdaway

Twitter: @BryceHoldaway


I was first introduced to Ben and Bryce through their ‘Making Money Simple Again’, an easy to follow guide on how to manage your everyday money. I was seeking new strategies on where to direct our income and control our expenses, as well as the best way to redirect our money for wealth building. I followed their steps, which took a couple of months of reorganising our finances and changing our behaviours, but I could definitely see improvements within months. It would have been earlier, if I had chosen the New Year to commence, instead of prior to Xmas, due to the increase of spending during this time. It was through this book, I was guided to set up the Money Smarts online portal, instead of reporting from our cloud bookkeeping program Reckon. Being such a visual person, I found Money Smarts so much easier to keep up to date and to see the tracking of our money. Moving on from there, I was then introduced in the book to their podcast, ‘The Property Couch’. Although my husband and I had bought, built and sold property in the past, we had some financial mismanagement in conjunction with having a young family and single income, so we decided to start fresh by focusing on just having an owner-occupied property and shares. There was gold in every episode, and still is! I had some binge listening to attend to, as Ben & Bryce had already recorded 185 episodes at that stage, and although we had been on a journey of our own with property, I was like a sponge and was eager to learn from our mistakes. Seeing the benefits of their daily money management strategies and gaining confidence by listening to their podcasts, I felt it was super important to develop a financial plan to carry us through to our retirement years. I then decided to engage their team to help us out on the best strategy for us in moving forward. We were introduced to Joel Burton via Zoom and after several weeks of getting to know us, understanding our financial background, our risk profiles and our goals, Joel has now completed our Property Portfolio Plan. We weren’t rushed into making any decisions and Joel was very patient as well as directive when asked. I’m excited but also relieved….to having new financial ventures to look forward to, but also a road map on how we are going to get there. We may be the captain of our ship, but knowing we have Empower Wealth and in particular Joel as our rudder, provides us the guidelines for stability and security. Thanks Team!

- Evan & Gabby, QLD October 2019

I was so scared to start, which is why it took me many years to get going. I am a 55 year old male and in control of many aspects of my professional and personal life, but when it came to buying an investment property I had frozen. I thought that was something that rich people did. What made it worse was that my little bit of knowledge from several podcasts, brokers and magazines showed me that every professional has a different opinion and strategy — and I had no way to know which one to believe. The distrust that this engendered was personified in the real estate agent. After listening to The Property Couch I sensed that this is a group I could trust, and reached out to Empower Wealth. With a Property Portfolio Plan in place I then moved into setting up proper finance structures, and then to the fun, but scary part of buying. Bryce, Lloyd and Christa metaphorically held my hand as they took me through the steps of buying 3 different properties. Each of them, with professional yet friendly attitudes, encouraged me and reassured me at each step of the way. There were lots of things to look at, understand and sign, and I felt guided and supported all the way through.

- Ross April 2019

My partner and I first found out about Empower Wealth by listening to Ben & Bryce on ‘The Property Couch’. A few episodes in, we were impressed by their knowledge and expertise and decided to engage their services to find a suitable investment property for us to purchase. We could not be happier with the result! In only a few years, our investment property has increased in value considerably. Bryce was approachable and a consummate professional and most importantly, we felt like we contact him at any time throughout the investment property journey. We are thrilled with the outcome!

- Michael Hoskin and Turia Pitt October 2018

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