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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

The Age of Experimentation – 120 years of Property (1970 – 1960)

API Magazine - 120 year of property - the age of experimentation 1970s propertyAustralia’s history on property goes back a long way and in the June 2016 Issue of Australian Property Investor Magazine, Bryce Holdaway and other property experts will be focusing on 1970s property. The 70s was a period of great social change that would have long-term ramifications for housing and society in general. Although most properties in that era are focused on reliability and good old brown bricks, some experts say that it was the beginnings of modern Australian architecture.

Bryce and other experts will be discussing about the changes in that era, how it affects the Australian property market now and are they investment grade assets. Click on the article to start reading.

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