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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

2016 Predictions on the Australian Property Market

As we finished off 2015 and inevitably start with 2016, it is always common to think about what might happened in the year to come. This time on 774 ABC Radio Melbourne, Ben Kingsley was asked to provide some of his 2016 Predictions for the Australian Property Market. Whilst we are not psychic in any way, Ben does have a thorough understanding on how the Australian Property Market has performed in the past and some factors that would affect its future movement. This radio interview started off with discussions on the auction clearance rate. With its recent slowdown there has been a lot of talk of a possible market correction or even a burst, but Ben thinks otherwise. They will also be talking about the type of properties that are not performing quite well and if there is a change in the style of properties that are being demanded by the Australian population.

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