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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Suburb growth and the changes that are happening across Australia

Ben Kingsley was asked to appear on this episode of 774 ABC Radio Melbourne.

Today’s topic is about suburb growth and the changes that are happening across Australia, in particular the Melbourne area. As compared to 40 years ago where people value land size and they would live a bit further from the city, the current perception towards property and what constitute a good investment is quite different. With double income household and advancement of infrastructure, we are seeing a change in lifestyle choices and some of that means the inner city suburbs are becoming more in demand. Certain suburbs have also went through the gentrification process and properties in those areas are now enjoying tremendous growth returns.

Ben and Richelle will also be sharing some of the listeners’ experience of living in an area that used to be a bit grungy and is now a cool area. There are also questions on suburbs that are now populated with high density living and how it’ll affect the suburb growth in a positive and negative way. Start listening to learn more.

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