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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Is the Advice worth the Price?

API Magazine - Sept 2016 - Is the advice worth the priceDid you know that property is not a financial product as defined in the Corporations Act? And what does this means? This means, property advisors are not required by the Corporations Act and Future of Financial Advice to have a certain qualifications and a best interests duty. And how does this affect you? Well, technically if you are not careful or have not done your due diligence prior to meeting a property advisor, you might be getting the wrong advice. There is a lot of self-proclaimed property advisors out there but not all of them have the qualification nor the experience to advice. Some of them wouldn’t even have an adequate understanding on how property investing works. We call them property spruikers.

This time in the September 2016 Issue of the Australian Property Investor Magazine, Ben Kingsley and other property experts talk about what can go wrong and what protections are in place for investors. Click on the image to start reading the article.

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