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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Matthew understood our circumstances and needs and organised our lending to suit. We were able to stay with our existing bank, and he secured better rates than we were able to when we approached the bank on our own. We were kept up-to-date during the process, and he followed-up to ensure we were happy.

- Michelle G

Jake Milne was the perfect partner in helping find our property. His customer service was second to none, and you felt like you were always on the top of his list, although I’m sure he had a number of other clients! Jake helped us secure a great property at a very competitive price through some shrewd tactics and negotiation. The fee was well worth the expert advice and services we received from Jake and the whole Empower Wealth team. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

- Sandra W

Overall we were very happy with the experience- thank you.

- Michael T

What a great experience it has been to work with all of your staff at Empower Wealth. We have engaged 3 different departments and every aspect has been enjoyable. My husband and I felt like we were dealing with people who really cared about us and who have a great passion for the their job.

- Claire Ely

Dean and Brendan from the mortgage broking team have been great to work with. Excellent knowledge, advice and guidance throughout our journey into property investing and construction loan for our new PPOR.

- Drew L

Even coming from a position with little knowledge concerning property investment, I found Suzy easy to work with. Each stage of the process moved smoothly and on schedule, and I was impressed with the thoroughness she put in to understanding both my goals, and my financial habits.

The business structure at Empower Wealth seemed to streamline the process by making different services available, though it does still necessitate speaking with several different people to cover all bases. That said, I have found each person I’ve met within the organisation to be professional and prompt to the degree I expected, from the company’s profile.

- Shannon B

Great service, the explanation of the insurance options was very clear and easy to understand.

- Nicholas R

Liz and her team were fantastic from the start to finish. Their assessment of our situation was carried out thoroughly, and they were always active towards finding the right finance for our needs. They were always just a call away to answers any questions we had. My wife and I are extremely happy with their service, and we will definitely continue to use them well into the future. I would highly recommend Liz and her team to anyone looking for financial advice.

Thank you.

- Ashish I

I was very happy with Jake’s consistent attention and diligence despite the process taking longer than anticipated.

- Kai R

The process is detailed and comprehensive which ensures that the investment plan meets all expectations.

- Carla B

Paul made the experience extremely easy and enjoyable and guided us through each step very effectively, the property plan was exactly what we were looking for as we look forward to embarking on our property investment journey.

- Trent C

Empower Wealth have been extremely easy and accommodating to speak with in all our meetings and have always been professional on the advise they have provided to us. We feel confident that our plan is achievable and are very happy with the way our future is looking.

- Jonathon B

We used the mortgage service to help refinance our loans. The advice, communication and speed of service was simply first class. Matthew Styles was approachable , knowledgeable and no question was considered too dumb! We felt very much at ease with our final decision and look forward to working with Matthew in the future.

- Jared M

The service we received has better than first class. At every stage of the process time was given to us to understand what was happening, what was in the planning stage and what we needed to do next.

The Empower Wealth team we had contact with and the service providers that were recommended were extremely professional, ready to assist and gave freely their guidance and time. An absolute pleasure with the team and to use Empower Wealth services.

Highly recommended, thanks Darren

- Darren M

I was extremely impressed by Simon overall, but particularly in his ability to explain the complexities of my application/structure in regular terms, not industry jargon. His overall knowledge of the various products and structures enabled him to quickly identify the best solution for me and importantly he was able to clearly articulate why this was best for me. He was also accessible after hours which was critical.

- James J

Definitely a very professional service with a well thought through investment philosophy as a basis.

- Volker M

Empower Wealth have continually strive to deliver a top quality service that not only provides its clients with a significant improvement in wealth outcome, but an education in how it is achieved and how they can continue to improve their own property and financial education. We travelled interstate for the best and are glad we settled for nothing less.

- Trevor W

Paul was very accommodating to my requests. Though he is new to this profession, he did a splendid job. Having Ben in one of the sessions was immense help. The plan doc by itself is elaborate and self explanatory.

- Subbaiah A

The entire team at Empower Wealth are extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. They take the time to ensure that the strategy is right prior to moving to execute.

- Melissa L

Excellent and knowledgeable service. Very proactive toward securing the perfect finance for our specific needs. And for Buyers Agency, Christa provided a fantastic, stress-free and highly motivated experience. Her total dedication to our buying process kept us on our toes and also involved us on every level which kept us accountable during the entire process. Using a buyers agent demonstrated just how time poor I really was! Thank you.

- Luke M

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