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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

The whole process was extremely easy to follow and communication exceptional. The level of mortgage broking service from Simon, Surinder and Sarah could not have been higher. Thank you!

- Pat C.

The service from Joel and others at EW has always been very timely, friendly and professional. It’s easy to make an appointment and to access information when I need it.

- Annette E.

Bryce and the Buyers Agent team at Empower have been fantastic. It was actually quite a relief to have someone assist and guide us through the “buyers jungle”, particularly someone who was on OUR side! They communicated with us continuously throughout the entire process and we felt comfortable all the way – it genuinely took a lot of the stress out of purchasing an investment property. We also learnt a lot throughout the process and would definitely not only recommend their services, but will also use them ourselves again in the future. Most importantly we feel confident we have purchased a great investment for us and our family! Thanks Bryce and the team !

- Paul and Toni D.

The service was fantastic. We are very happy that we took the plunge to obtain the advice and now feel a good deal of comfort that we can achieve (or even exceed) our goals (including many nice to do’s that we are not even certain will happen) without a great deal of compromise to our current or future lifestyle. That is perhaps the greatest outcome that has been achieved through the process. The property portfolio plan is very comprehensive and far more comprehensive than we were expecting. We have been slowly working our way through it and look forward to arranging a time to run through the plan and ask some questions that I have been slowly listing out along the way.

- David B.

I’ve been so thrilled with the services of Empower Wealth. I’m not all that easily impressed but the quality of process, communication and outcome with Bryce, Matt and team have been outstanding. I’ll definitely be using Empower Wealth again in future for my buyers advocacy and lending and continue to be an Empower Wealth “brand champion”, telling people at every available opportunity to get amongst the great content being created by Bryce and Ben.

Great job guys.


- Sean S.

Captains of the investment property industry righting our investment portfolio ship back in the correct direction! Thanks guys!

- William S.

Financial Planning is probably one of the best departments that we have encountered in Empower Wealth. Liz is always courteous, responsive, and we appreciate how much work she did for Bryan and me. She probably had one of the toughest job doing the insurance shopping for us. We are very grateful for her work.

- Iwan H.

I am very happy with Empower’s Buyers Agent service. Very thorough, very caring, and a lot of support, including pre-settlement advice. We felt looked after, and are happy with the property we secured. We will continue to use the service for future purchases.

- Maria L.

The whole process could not have been easier. Nicole has been a pleasure to work with and kept us up to date every step. Nicole’s knowledge of the Adelaide market together with the key drivers to find and execute an ideal apartment has been invaluable.

The whole process (from the Mortgage Broking Team) was extremely easy to follow and communication exceptional. The level of service from Simon, Surinder and Sarah could not have been higher. Thank you!

- Patrick C.

Dealing with Bryce is a pleasure not only is he knowledgeable, he is interested in actually helping us reach our goals. Great communication made our investment journey hassel free. From experiencing the bad end of property investment with poor advice and outcomes it is nice to be able to feel confident and safe in the advice that we have had from Bryce. We would recommend using the buyer’s agent service without a doubt.

- Emma P.

We are the happy clients of Matt (broker-extraordinaire) and his A-team Surinder and Sarah (pre-and post-loan services). So far they have put together two loans for us, and we feel that we have found “The One”. Communication is always top notch, and we feel supported and valued at all times. Important questions, inane questions, silly questions – all are answered promptly. We have recommended you guys to many friends (and a few strangers!).

You guys have become our extended family – we can’t imagine our financial future without you. Now come on Matt, let’s put together some more loans!

- Maria L.

The process was hassle free, on time and within budget not to mention the excellent communication and support in spite of the purchasing being interstate. We would not hesitate to recommend Empower Wealth to prospective family and friends.

- Matoko L.

Bryce was flawless to work with, he maintained regular contact and kept me informed as the process went along. When it came time to make a move he provided me with the confidence and experience I needed to make the decision. I live remotely and we purchased an investment property in Adelaide without any stress or runaround. Well worth the relatively small investment to have Bryce in my corner. I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone.

- Tobias L

All our dealings so far have been very professional and thorough and anything we didn’t understand was fully explained. The document (Property Portfolio Plan) is very thorough and explains the plan very clearly. It’s good to have the paper version to refer to.

- Ambrose M

The information and advice I received was better than I have ever had. The process was made easy and everything went to plan, I couldn’t have asked for more. I would without doubt recommend these services to any of our personal friends and family. This has not only saved us money but we are now adequately and properly insured. Thank you Empower Wealth and especially your excellent team.

- Dianne H.

Our experience with the insurance team at Empower Wealth has been fantastic. The team was quick to respond, always communicating clearly and with real solutions to make our whole financial situation better. They did not just process insurance for us, they made sure that what we got was right for us and fitted in with our overall financial plan.

- Emma P

I found the service to be of a exceptional high standard. Very satisfied customer.

- Carol H

Thanks Joel, Matt and Linda for holding my hand as I commence my investment journey! I couldn’t have asked for a better team, and I feel so safe and secure knowing you’re there to support me . Keep up the good work team!

- Huiyng K.

The Empower Wealth team have been outstanding at putting together a financial plan for the future that meets our expectations and needs. Matt and Joel have been great and very knowledgeable with the proceedings of things. Matt especially was contactable even outside of normal business hours, which again show’s the commitment he has to the Empower Wealth team and to their clients.

We were at a point where we were going to be making large financial decisions and I knew that these decisions were pivotal to the success of our future financial outcome. We decided to engage Empower Wealth and have never regretted that decision even now.

We make financial decisions all the time, but it’s about making “best” financial decisions rather than just “okay” or “good” ones, that give us the best outcomes. Empower Wealth have been able to help us understand what those “best” decisions look like.

Thanks Empower Wealth Team!

- Dathan S

Matthew and Sarah did a fantastic job in keeping us informed, making things easy to understand, answering queries at all times of night and day, and ensuring we knew where we were at in the process at all times. Was super impressed with this part of the empower wealth business. Fantastic service, highly recommend.

- Sean S.

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