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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Working with Empower Wealth through the full package offered has been an excellent experience with great education and support provided and with 3 young kids also given us a lot of confidence in our future finances. The initial property portfolio plan put together by Ben and Michael was very detailed and incorporated well our current and future cash flow and major future costs as well as incorporating our own house upgrade in a few years. The mortgage refinance and investment loan set-up working with Justin and Matt was a smooth process with great communication throughout. The service and guidance provided by David in sourcing and purchasing our first investment property and engaging a quality property manager has been outstanding, with a renovated unit purchased below budget in a great location and about to be rented right on settlement at a yield well exceeding the target.

Overall the Empower Wealth team have made the experience of purchasing our first investment property easy for us and very well structured and look forward to using your services in the future as per our property portfolio plan.

- Michael G.

The financial plan done up for us was exceptional and very detailed. I could refer to them very easily. Interaction between you guys and us was also really good. Any doubts we had were cleared up really quickly and your patience with us was very much appreciated. Just keep doing what you’re doing… You guys are awesome!!!

- Sridaran V.

It’s great to work with a team that is passionate about what they do. The whole process was made easy and educational, from the portfolio plan with Ben Kingsley & Michael Pope, through to finance and purchasing the property. We brought our first property while on holiday overseas and are now planning our second investment property. We highly recommend Empower Wealth to anyone who wants to get started or needs help in property investing.

- Rob C.

The overall service was great. I work away a lot and having a Buyers Agent there to help take care of all the finer details to buying a house. Being able to organise all the inspection times to minimise the impact on my time when I was at home was awesome. Also it was the first time my partner had gone through the process of buying a house and our Buyers Agent was able to go through all the steps and help her work out all the things that were important to her in the selection process. Highly recommend Empower Wealth to anyone.

- Ben S.

The correspondence was fantastic, emails were answered promptly. You were able to explain everything in a way that my wife and I could understand in an area we know little about.

- Peter B.

Expertise advice on what was best for our situation and how to handle our money and keep in budget. The elements of service that we’re most impressed with is the great communication throughout the process and making sure we totally understood what was happening with our new home loans!

- Sharyn R.

The elements of service that we’re most impressed with is what we were able to learn. We learnt so much about how home loans work and best ways to use our money. We also most like your honesty. We’re forever grateful!

- Aaron D.

The whole Empower Wealth process from getting our Property Portfolio Plan done to finding a property with their Buyers Advocate and their wonderful expertise with the real estate market and then dealing with their Mortgage Broking team who are broker wizards…It was such a learning curve for both Paul & myself, but we are very grateful for all the help & assistance along the way! We will be needing it again soon when we purchase our second property, which I’m getting excited about already! Bring it on I say….

- Paul R.

Earlier this year, Empower Wealth’s Buyers Advocate team helped us secure an investment property in Ballarat. Not only were they highly professional; they took the time to understand our circumstances and aspirations. They were in constant communication with us, and at all times open, honest and frank. Given we live in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and were buying sight unseen, this was really re-assuring. In the end, they found us a great property with strong rental yield and in a location we’re confident will see strong capital growth. From our initial phone conversation to finding the right property, to settlement, to a chance meeting to inspect the house long after their official duties has ended, Empower Wealth left us with something invaluable: the confidence to invest, and to invest again and again. We are truly grateful for this.

- Simon K.

The elements that most impressed us, was your commitment to making us understand how our finances can work better for us and making sure we understood how our accounts will be set-up. Cameron also kept us well informed throughout the process, which was very beneficial in learning the new way to handle our finances & loans. We liked that you came to see us at our home, it was very handy because we are a busy young family with two children so the convenience of you dropping in on your way home from work to sign documents was a blessing, thanks Cameron! Also you have a very easy-going nature and were very open-minded with all the questions we asked and always had an answer to what we were wanting to know, which was great!

- Paul R.

We found it to be a great education of the housing industry for a first home buyer. We would not have been able to progress as quickly and confidently as we did without this service. Empower Wealth was a fantastic resource and we had faith in their ability, advice and knowledge. I can not recommend them enough as the best way to buy your first, second and even third home.

- Lisa B.

Everybody was very professional and helpful and patient when we didn’t understand!!! (which was often)

- Xavier G.

Being able to meet in person, go through what we wanted to achieve and have you explain and explore the best way to achieve that. Product knowledge / ability to negotiate excellent interest rates for us. Personable, easy to get a hold of. Great understanding of our needs.

- Sally M.

We were blessed from the first meeting with Empower Wealth over a coffee in Yarraville. It felt like a massive weight was removed from our shoulders once we engaged them.
Our dealings with them could only be described as flawless “right on the money”. How does one rank such a person, simple ALL CLASS A111111.
If you are thinking of engaging a buyer advocate DO NOT PASS them she will deliver the goods.

- John D.

A good effort by the Empower Wealth team. A long hard road but we got there, which could not have occurred without your assistance.

- John H.

It was the best experience I could have hoped for!

- Michaela L.

It was a pleasure to work with Empower Wealth on achieving my first property purchase as an owner/occupier. Their advice, guidance and clear communication through each of the stages was invaluable in realising this goal.

- Lisa S.

We were kept up to date throughout, advised how we could act to expedite issues, given great advice about structures and were fully aware of costs in advance. Advice levelled to our basis of understanding… ie we had some prior knowledge so we were given a clear cut selection of options without just picking the easiest solution to communicate. “empowered” us to choose the best product for us by equipping us with the product features, the process and the things we would need to do to make it happen. Plus a lovely easy going well paced delivery! 😉

- Carrie C.

Empower Wealth was awesome and really knew the market very well. They had everything arranged when we came down, from picking us up to meeting the recommended property manager. They did not waste our time showing us inappropriate houses, and from what they had pre-organised for us to view, we bought the perfect place for our first interstate property acquisition

- Geoff K.

The ability to work within a tight timeframe and thoroughness in making sure everything was completed. The knowledge of the financial sector and the best products for each client. Follow up with the financial institutions after they made some errors in settlement calculations.Very impressed overall with the Empower Wealth suite of service.

- Mark R.

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