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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

The Story Behind The Numbers

Hello, Ben Kingsley here. Welcome to the August edition of The Story Behind the Numbers.

It’s been a bit of solid month— just before we’re coming into the Spring buying season. We had 22 plans that we created for clients, in terms of next-step Plans or 4 Property Portfolio Plans. We’re going to be recommending 19 investment properties for those 22 clients’ to be bought in the next 12 months, and that’s representing around $10.3 million worth of residential property investments!

It was also a busy month for our mortgage breaking team. They submitted $41.2 million worth of new business, to try and get those clients moving through, as we hand them over to our Buyers Agents to go out and buy. The interesting one — we bought 20 properties in August through our Buyers Agency for our clients. Now what was fascinating about that, which was around $11.8 million dollars’ worth of property… we missed nine properties. I was talking to our team, and our research team, and what was really fascinating was, we actually shortlisted. How it works is, we usually see around 500 properties a week, so we bring those 500 properties through, and we’re analysiing those. Then we move them into what we call, ‘a listed area’ or, ‘an area where we do some further testing on those properties’. It’s a quick view, then it’s a test, and they come into our assessment area.

In this time, we assessed 436 properties. So, if you think about that we’ve only bought about 4% of the properties that we assessed…

And that’s because, “Okay, we might do a quick search, they’re looking alright”, we then start to test them out, but then we kill. We basically make sure that we’re only chasing the very, very best properties that we can for our clients. So buying only 20 properties, but assessing effectively 436 properties means our Buyer’s Agents are very, very selective. That rounds out the broader numbers, let’s start to talk about some of the selections of advisor stories that I have for you for this month.


So, let’s meet the people behind our Plans…

To help, here’s a quick summary of the real-life clients I talk about, in case you might be interested in learning more about how exactly we helped them, and what advice we included in their Plans or what properties we bought for them…
(They appear in the same order in the video, so you can fast track to it, if you wish.)



Note: All the Plans mentioned in this video is our Property Portfolio Plan. Learn more about it here.


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