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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

The Story Behind The Numbers

At Empower Wealth, we are truly lucky to work with many different clients from various aspects of life. And the thing we love most is… each and everyone that we’ve worked with has an inspiring story behind them.

Because at the end of the day, we work with real people, real money and real properties.
And we build real Plans based on real dreams, where “the big rocks in the jar” are actually our client’s deepest desires to get in life.

So I want to give you our new “monthly wrap”, which goes beyond just listing the numbers.

The simple reason being…

… they are the REAL hero, and their stories matter.

They inspire us, and hopefully, they can inspire a lot of other Australians out there too.

So, let’s meet the people behind our Plans…

To help, here’s a quick summary of the real-life clients I talk about, in case you might be interested in learning more about how exactly we helped them, and what advice we included in their Plans or what properties we bought for them…
(They appear in the same order in the video, so you can fast track to it, if you wish.)

Overview: Plans

  • Mid 40s couple with 2 kids — own PPR in Melbourne, but have plans to move interstate
  • Early 30s couple — no plans for kids
  • Mid 30s, 3 kids — one is a newborn!
  • Early 40s couple with 2 kids — solid savings, currently renting

Overview: Properties

  • Young couple — first time investors, had been trying to buy an IP on their own
  • Single professional female — wanting a growth asset
  • International couple — property budget less than $500,000
  • Late 20s renvestors — wanting a growth property in Melb, budget $700,000 – $750,000
  • Professional couple — “hybrid brief” (IP turned into a PPOR)
  • Professional couple — had been in a position to purchase since 2013, but procrastinated

Note: All the Plans mentioned in this video is our Property Portfolio Plan. Learn more about it here.

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