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A Tailored Approach to Property Investment

In this episode of Look At Property, The Hotspot session, Des Dowling asked Ben Kingsley about starting a Property Portfolio and if there is a one size fit all or an off-the-shelf solution. Ben explains that there are both option but to get a tailored approach to Property Investment, it is important to have a clear understanding of our current c...

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Finance Talk with Look At Property

In this episode of Finance Talk, Look At Property, Ben Kingsley joins host, Des Dowling and Walter Dobrowolski from Walter Financial Solutions to talk about property finance. After 12 months, the RBA interest rate is still on hold at 2.5% but the common question remained: how long is this going to last? Many media commentary is now saying that t...

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Finding the Right Investment Property

In this episode of Look At Property, Ben Kingsley joins host, Des Dowling and Elizabeth Jackson from Public Property to discuss about finding the right investment property. When you are buying your own home, you have a lot of aspects to look at but will it be different when you are buying your own investment property? The panel discussed about h...

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One on One on PIPA’s Code of Conduct

In Season 7 of Look At Property, Ben Kingsley, as the current chair of Property Investment Professional of Australia (PIPA) appears on a One on One with Julie McBeth. In this episode, Ben talks about the spruikers in the Property Investment industry. With this industry unregulated, spruikers are allowed to roam free and provide tempting but unrelia...

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The Psychology of Property Hotspotting

Property Hotspotting is as much about a mindset as it is about spending days looking at statistics and spreadsheets, and the two approaches are powerful in combination. Empower Wealth's Ben Kingsley sat down with Property Observer to provide an insight to his philosophy of finding the next suburb to grow in value, particularly in terms of long...

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Behind the scenes with Bryce Holdaway

Director, Property Advisor and Buyers Agent of Empower Wealth and co-host of Location Location Location Australia, Bryce Holdaway had a short interview with Property Observer to share his passion for property, his experience in the industry and some tips to purchasing an investment grade property. One of the tips that he shared with us is the Fi...

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Property Research in Property Investment

This time on Melbourne Property TV (MPTV), Ben will be discussing with Des Dowling, MPTV Host on the importance of Property Research in Property Investment. Ben will be demonstrating this with real-life figures and historical trends consisting of the past 37 years movements in the market, focusing particularly on property investment in Melbourne...

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