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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Sky Business Channel, Your Money Your Call (January 2014)

On this first episode of SKY Business NewsYour Money Your Call for 2014, Ben Kingsley joins Margaret Lomas and Paul Rickard from Switzer while discussing about all things property. In this episode, Ben answers a variety of questions from viewers and shares a few property investment advices such as:

  • Where to go for property investment in 2014 and how to determine the key driver to growth in a particular suburb
  • How do we analyse the historical performance of a suburb and how regional and metro area differs in terms of key drivers
  • With the current news regarding the Holden plant in Elizabeth, South Australia, will the unemployment rate affects the surrounding area? What kind of movement in property value can be expected in the short and long term?
  • Is it alright to purchase a foreclosed property as an investment property?
  • What kind of strategy to adopt in auction when an agent already knows about your offer?
  • Property investment in Wagga Wagga – is it a good idea? What is the anticipated growth in the area and how to look for the key drivers?
  • and more! Watch this video of Your Money Your Call to learn more on property investing and buying a home
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