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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Sky Business Channel, Your Money Your Call (May 2013)

Ben Kingsley joins Lisa Montgomery and Brian Haratsis in this time Your Money Your Call, .

The panel’s discussion evolved around the Australia’s housing market heating up, how much heat is driving this movement, is it sustainable, how fragile is it (with the upcoming election) and how stable can it be in view of the dropping interest rates.

Ben believes that we can never look at the Australia’s housing market as a whole but rather, in different pockets like Syney, Brisbane, Melbourne and more. He will also be answering the viewers’ questions regarding property investment and more:
– Purchasing a property investment in Queensland and how to insure yourself
– The prospect of Cairns housing market considering the high proportion of fly in-fly out. Will the market grow and is the growth sustainable?
– Auction clearance rates in the Sydney market and how will it impact the purchasing decisions
– and more! Watch to learn more on Property Investment.

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