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Retiring Through Real Estate: Our Real Life Clients

Empower Wealth clients, John and Lani, featured in Your Investment Property Magazine’s October 2018 issue, explaining their journey towards financial peace.

After discovering us after watching our educational How To videos, John found our conservative plan to be the correct road map to allow both him and Lani the necessary next-step to retiring on a passive income.

As noted in Your Investment Property Magazine’s article, both John and Lani started their respective relationships with property separately — John, purchasing his first property in Melbourne, and Lani, starting the investment journey back in her native UK.

They engaged in our services back in 2014 — having now taken advantage of our Property Investment Advice, Buyers Advocacy and Mortgage Broking services.



  1. Do your due diligence — study the market for as long as you can before you make a move
  2. Think through what your overall goal is — don’t just think about profit
  3. Take some action — don’t get stuck analysing the market — put it into practice
  4. Live within your means — have a cost of living you would like to achieve in the future, and use that as your “north star” to work back from
  5. Revisit the plan — don’t be afraid to revisit your plan, as life disruption can occur.


Please click on the image to read the full article to see the insights into John and Lani’s property portfolio.

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