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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Question of Trust in Property Adviser

Money Magazine - Question of Trust in property adviser Special edition 2016 thumbnailWe’ve said it before, the property investing industry is an unregulated one. Property investment advisors don’t need to be qualified or have any formal education to be giving out property investment advice so how would be able to place your trust in property adviser. So if you are just starting on your investment journey, how do you know if the professional you are talking to is the real deal or a property spruiker? In this Money Magazine’s Special Edition 2016, Ben Kingsley and other experts were asked to provide their tips on what to look out for when seeking advice. They will also be categorising the different types of advisers out there such as educators, buyer’s agents, financial planners and of course, property investment advisers and how you can ensure they are someone you can trust on when it comes to your investments.

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