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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Property — Everyone is an Expert

You have just been off to see your GP who diagnosed a problem, so you’ve being referred to a specialist who’s going to help you.  You agree without any hesitation as you want to get back to full health.

You tell a few people about your situation and they provide support and the odd person some advice, but you know inside you are going to listen to your medical specialist because they practice in this field everyday and have far more experience about this subject than you or your friends do.

Furthermore their core objective is to make you better.  They can never guarantee this, but they are working for you to make this happen, and you are going to pay a professional fee for this – right?

(You’re thinking about now—where is he going with this…..)

Now consider this….You have just been off to see your wealth advisor and they diagnose your financial health and it’s not good either.  You haven’t built up enough wealth to retire on and you don’t want to settle for a poorer quality of life and standard of living in retirement.  They recommend you go and see a specialist property advisor to improve your wealth.

You tell a few people that you are thinking about buying an investment property.….then all of a sudden, you are getting advice on what to buy, where to buy, who to buy from, how much you should spend, that new is better than old, that you should buy for capital growth or high rental yields, don’t buy now, buy now etc.

It’s clear that even though people may have bought one or two properties in their time, they are suddenly experts in the field, and they all have an opinion…..

The challenge for you is that given property is such a big investment—your whole financial future could depend on getting it right—so the advice better be good. Instead of listening to ‘so called’ experts, you should adopt your specialist medical approach and use a professionally qualified ’independent’ specialist who spends their entire working life sourcing quality investments for clients just like you.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

How could anyone think they will get a better result if they tried to do it themselves instead of allowing a specialist advisor or a team of specialist advisors who do this day in and out and have decades of experience.

Sure, it’s not your physical health at risk, but what type of existence would you have if you don’t have enough money? Get Help!

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