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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Profiting from Investment Psychology

spi magazine – profitting from psychology in property investment - nov 2014 thumbnailHuman psychology is a very interesting topic but what does that got to do with Property Investment? Apparently, a lot. CEO & Founder of Empower Wealth, Ben Kingsley started investing in his 20s and now holds a multimillion-dollar portfolio. In the November2014 Issue of Smart Property Investment (SPI) Magazine,  he explains how analysing human’s investment psychology behaviour helps him pick his winning suburbs.

“What motivated you to get involved in property? I was always interested in financial security and independence from a very young age. It was all part of wanting to get ahead early. My philosophy was that the sooner you start building your wealth, the better. That let me to investigate all different types of investment opportunities…”


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