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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

Be a Farmer, Not a Hunter

be a farmer, not a hunter

Bryce appears again in Money Magazine … this time in their Special Edition issue! In this article, Bryce talks about the importance of being a farmer, not a hunter when it comes to a property investing.

The theory behind it is that you need to play the investment game for the long term, planting tree seedlings now so that you will sit, covered in shade, in the future. This shelter, which you have planted and planned for, will have weathered the seasons to stand tall for you and your family—provided you have endured with it, also staying with the seasonal shifts.

So, the purpose of why you invest plays a big role in how you become a farmer, not a hunter.

Bryce prunes back the why and how for you, explaining:

be a farmer, not a hunterSo, find out how to turn your tree into a tangible goal by working out how much money you want to retire on!

To do this you need to know your number.

Branch your living expenses into the following leaves: bill payments, discretionary spending, investment costs and loan repayments. By the time you retire, provided you have planned properly, your ‘loan payment’ leaf and ‘investment costs’ leaf will have blown away. So you’ll be left with ‘bill payments’ and ‘discretionary spending’. If you add these two together, you will know how much your lifestyle is costing you today … but you will also have a fair idea of what it will cost you into the future. Click either image to find out more.



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