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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

Bryce and Ben: “The Money Men”

It’s true. On Channel 7’s Sunrise earlier this month, Bryce and Ben were dubbed “The Money Men” on National TV after shining the (much needed) light on how exactly regular Aussies can take charge — and, more importantly, stay in control — of their finances!!

And it doesn’t just come down to the obvious (and often forgotten!)… spend less than you earn… it also comes down to their simple, 7-step “No B.S” money management system, Money SMARTS as outlined in their #1 best selling book Make Money Simple Again!

So in this episode of Sunrise, Ben and Bryce explain how it works, why it’s the best money system available on the market and what everyday folks need to know about ELITE money management!


The Key Messages

  • Managing your money doesn’t have to mean tough work
  • 10 minutes a month is all you need to monitor your money
  • Transforming your financial future starts with better money management
  • If you can’t take control of your personal finance, you can’t succeed at investing
  • Set up Grandma’s virtual jars

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