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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

I had multiple home loans attached to different properties in a very unstructured way. With Cameron’s expert knowledge and hard work, all the loans were organised in a very structured way and I was able to purchase additional properties. You can be assured that Cameron will find you the best solution based on your situation. The supporting staff are very helpful as well. I’m a very happy client.

- Hasitha T.

Buying my first property was exciting but also very daunting. My experience was made much easier with the advice, service and support provided by Empower Wealth. I will be contacting them again when I’m ready to refinance for number 2.

- Joe H.

I cannot complaint at all. The whole process has been absolutely outstanding. From the very start we have been in the loop and guided throughout. There has not been an instant were we have felt out of the loop. All the people at Empower Wealth have gone out of their way to aid and help us achieve our dream of expanding our wealth. Something that we thought was almost impossible for us to achieve, has become a reality, and it’s all thanks to them. I would recommend anyone to use empower wealth services in helping them archive their dreams.

- Raul L.

This is our second purchase using Empower Wealth’s services and we have again secured a fabulous investment property which will deliver good rental income and capital growth (tick/tick). They gave us a checklist to take with us to property inspections which helped us categorise the important features of future investment properties. We were guided and advised professionally throughout the entire process – from searching for the right property, negotiating the sale (a tough gig on both our purchases and one definitely left to the professionals! we could never have done what they did!), getting all the paperwork done and finding an agent and awesome tenants. What can we possibly say other than Empower Wealth is brilliant!

- Leanne M.

Empower Wealth’s Buyers Advocate team are outstanding professionals who made the entire process informative and exceptionally efficient. Their work and approach to the management of all stakeholders involved is of the highest standard. I had absolute confidence and peace of mind from the start right through to completion of the process. I will call on Empower Wealth again if the opportunity arises and will definitely recommend them to others. Warmest thanks again for a successful and rewarding outcome.

- Suzanne P.

We have recently purchased 2 investment properties within a 6 week period in 2 different states, one of those through our SMSF. An extraordinary outcome. We are very satisfied and blown away by the overall level of service, intel and knowledge of the property market, the whole negotiation process and most importantly, the implementation of an intelligent wealth creation strategy. All the hard work was done for us in terms of sourcing the property, the actual negotiation and purchase. We saved ‘000’s and couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. We are now planning our next purchase!!!

- Rick C.

A huge weight off my shoulders knowing there was absolutely nothing that would be overlooked and missed. The level of ongoing communication, reassurances, investigations were second to none and it was clearly evident from the start that we were working alongside a group of outstanding professionals who had our best interests at heart. I can’t think of anything that you have not already covered off as part of your service provision. What really stood out was your ability to tailor your approach to our own needs and style (I have a slightly controlling nature) so you kept us involved every step of the way (but never pushy). Thank you for exceeding on all commitments and making this whole process an absolute pleasure (and for the movie tickets and jelly beans). We can’t wait for settlement and to be in our new home 🙂

- Dorothy F.

Managed the brief (and me!) really well. Never felt pressured, everything was always explained and Cate was always available if I needed her. She’s a solid communicator and did well to get a perfect balance of not bombarding me with insignificant detail whilst still filtering through the important stuff. I always had a strong sense that everyone was working to an agreed end goal and my best interests were always at the forefront of everything that was done. She respected my decisions and my budget.

- Joanne M.

Michael Pope is a genius and again, his calm nature and intelligence provided us with an easy journey through our financial planning. We loved listening to him and learning about every area. He was patient and really took the time to work with us on achieving our goals.

- Jonathan G.

Working with Empower Wealth was an invaluable opportunity that made buying our first property a quick and stress free process. The services were tailored to suit where we were in the investment process and focused on a strategy that aligned with our future plans to travel and buy a home, after purchasing our first investment property. Cameron found a competitive loan that is still working well for us and, following an unfortunate bank error on the setup of our off-set account, he worked with us and the bank to help resolve the issue and ensure the bank back-payed the difference caused by the error. Cate helped us find and negotiate our first property, which included making herself available for inspections, catch-ups and phone calls at times that suited us. She helped run through the pros and cons of each property we looked at and even provided her thoughts on how much we might need to spend renovating and maintaining some of the properties we looked at. After we found and negotiated our property purchase, she gave us some excellent guidance on how to select a property manager, including some firsthand experience she had in the area where we purchased.

There wasn’t any push on the sale of Empower Wealth’s services and, because the services we did use built on the initial thinking we had done, and concentrated on the areas where we needed the most support, we received excellent value for money and gained a lot of confidence throughout the process. We had an instant rapport with Cate and one of the best things about working with her was her ability to know when we needed extra support and direction. She worked really closely with us when we needed that support and stepped back from tasks when she knew we were capable but just a little nervous about doing things alone. We will definitely be back when it’s time to purchase our next property, and I recommend Empower Wealth’s services to anyone looking to purchase a property.

- Jason P.

We have experienced a fantastic service and the process of buying a house has never been so easy. We rave about our experience to anyone who will listen!

- Danielle F.

“Purchasing your first property is a hugely anxiety provoking experience and although we initially felt that we could have managed it ourselves when it came to the “crunch” and we were discussing our options at 10:30pm, we were feeling desperate and burnt-out and would have easily increased our limit by $15,000! We are now obviously very glad that we were not on our own and listened to the advice provided!

- Maree S.

Working with Empower Wealth has been great. They really opened my eyes to what I could do with my money and with property. They have always answered all my questions no matter how big or small. They calmed my nerves during the buying process. A very big super thank you is for Cameron, Cate, Nicole and Shelley. We wouldn’t have our house without you!

- Jennifer I.

I can’t speak highly enough of the service that was provided to me. The lengths that Cameron and Catherine went to me in supporting me during the process was amazing and very much appreciated. There is no way I could have done this without them. Thanks is just not enough, but THANK YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂

- Katie K

As First Home buyers we initially felt like we were “going in blind”, but with the assistance and advice from the team, we ultimately felt much more confident and armed with a wealth of knowledge that will remain with us. Cristina and Michael (Savy) all deserve a special mention. Even though we weren’t completely successful in securing the property at “the right price”, 8 months on, we’re still very happy and have no regrets – even we decided to pay a little (or perhaps a lot) too much 🙂

- Tony H.

Steve was very informative and a true professional. Very happy customer.

- Thomas K.

Great review of the home buying process and our options based on our status, i.e. first home buyers.

- Alyce M.

I found the loan process a little confusing, but we got there in the end. Cate has been amazing and incredibly supportive during the process.

- Michelle A.

It took us a while to purchase and we switched from investment to owner occupied-so patient and helpful throughout that process.

- Russell P.

Very happy and keep up the good work.

- Hasitha T.

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