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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Great service provided by Bryce yet again, from selection of the property to finding a top notch rental agent, the whole process ran flawlessly.

- Darren B.

Excellent. knowledgeable customer service. Committed to good communication, always approachable and contactable with quick responses. Feel they had a genuine interest and commitment for the best outcome for us.

- Benjamin T.

Empower Wealth provided me with a one stop, professional, courteous and stress free experience covering mortgage broking and buyer advocacy. I have since been asked by a number of work colleagues about my experience and have provided a positive recommendation regarding my use of the services provided. Sincere thanks to the team.

- Chris G.

This was tight, focused, and very informative. Ben and Bryce certainly know their stuff! An hour is certainly not too long. I would have watched for 90 minutes.

- David

The webinar was very informative and added to my newly obtained but ever growing understanding of property Investment. My wife and I are excited by the prospect of starting and building a property portfolio and the information and strategies that you outlined in your webinar are very much along the lines of where we’re headed. Thanks for the opportunity to hear your advice.

- Darren W.

I have now used Empower Wealth to secure two properties and have loved the service. They have helped me to set up my loans in a way that enabled me to purchase a second property much sooner than I ever would have expected. They were a pleasure to deal with and has always taken time out to explain things to me in a way that makes sense. Have already recommended Empower Wealth to others and will continue to do so!

- Nicola B.

We have been extremely impressed to date by everyone at Empower. From the pop up chat person on your website (nice touch because she immediately booked me in to see Simon!) to lovely Christina, and the team that we have dealt with so far (Simon, Ben and Michael) it has been such a positive experience. We highly recommend you to everyone we speak with. In fact, our friends think we are obtaining a discount for any referrals because I don’t shut up. It has been great finding advisors that not only give us confidence in their knowledge and advice but are also down to earth and friendly. Thanks for everything to date and we look forward to what will hopefully be a mutually beneficial relationship!

- Michelle C.

Not a thing to improve on, Matt was great to work with. They explained all processes thoroughly and were quick in returning call and answering any questioned we had.

- Gary G.

We used Empower Wealth to purchase our first investment property and we couldn’t be happier. The process was very easy and we were guided every step of the way by your wonderful team. We would certainly use Empower Wealth again and recommend to others.

- Sharyn G.

They have made the home loan application process for us so easy!! We literally only had to sign on the dotted line and they did the rest! They are polite, courteous and patient and I have already recommended them to family and friends.

- Xavier G.

Working with Empower Wealth on our refinance of home loan and set up of investment loans was a smooth process with excellent communication throughout. Now about 4 months after our refinance and investment loan set-up we are very happy with the arrangements that they recommended and Empower Wealth guided us through the set-up.

- Michael G.

Great customer service, professional, knowledgeable and pay great attention to detail.

- Lee-Ann P.

Firstly, Ben has been more than our property investment advisor, he’s also our buyers advocate.

Why Ben? It’s simple…..he cares, he’s honest, he listens and he’s trustworthy. These are the qualities over and beyond any technical expertise that attracted ourselves to Ben and Empower Wealth. These values that Ben holds are reflective of all staff we have dealt with in the company. Ben is very time poor but we have never feel like we are chasing him and when we have a session with him it will go for as long as it needs to go for…..until he answered all of our stupid questions. The record session was 2 1/2 hours and not once did we feel that Ben had any other clients. It was all about us!

On top of these personable qualities and values, Ben has an extensive knowledge of the Australian property investment market. He’s taught both myself and my wife about investing in property from what was a very low base. Again, just another example of the time and effort he puts towards his clients.

Ben is currently our buyers agent (on top of all his other roles) for a Brisbane investment property. I can only imagine that this is an extra load that he doesn’t need but we have never felt its too much for him. Ben has had the opportunity on two occasions to push us into a sale and if he pushed we probably would of been sold. However, Ben puts his clients needs first and if its not quite right he will keep pursuing for the correct purchase, remembering this is a guy with no time and a sale would of put a hold on the Brisbane trips….but that’s not how Ben operates. A comment that will always stick with me with Ben was during a session he stated “I don’t want to have sleepless nights over your purchase”. The reason why this sticks out for me is based on all the points above. He cares. Our investment is his investment.

Investing in property is long term. Ben’s relationships with his clients is also this. In an industry there are a lot of sharks wanting a short term win, meeting Ben and the Empower Wealth team was surprisingly refreshing and we will continue to recommend friend and families to Ben’s business.

- Mike & Liz M.

My wife & I first met Ben in 2012 and straight away felt & level of confidence & comfort with him. I can be sceptical at the best of times and without reference immediately felt that Ben’s demeanour, experience & knowledge would serve our best interests. Importantly, we felt he would be very easy to deal with and that would make the entire process more enjoyable. We then employed his services to devise a property investment plan that we believe has our future well set – we are very happy with it and progressing well. Ben & the Empower Wealth team took the time (more than we anticipated) to properly understand our goals and to work through a plan that would best suit us.

Ben operates in a highly professional manner but also speaks at a level that allows the uneducated to understand and follow and that meant we had even greater confidence in what was being prepared. I think Ben is a highly credible person foremost and certainly has a great reputation which is clearly having an positive impact on Empower Wealth. Ben also shows a willingness to go above and beyond and as a result we feel genuinely valued as a client rather than just a number. I would regard Ben as the best advisor (of any type) that we have dealt with. I have already endorsed Ben to friends/family and will continue to do so.

- Richard H.

Working with Empower Wealth through the full package offered has been an excellent experience with great education and support provided and with 3 young kids also given us a lot of confidence in our future finances. The initial property portfolio plan put together by Ben and Michael was very detailed and incorporated well our current and future cash flow and major future costs as well as incorporating our own house upgrade in a few years. The mortgage refinance and investment loan set-up working with Justin and Matt was a smooth process with great communication throughout. The service and guidance provided by David in sourcing and purchasing our first investment property and engaging a quality property manager has been outstanding, with a renovated unit purchased below budget in a great location and about to be rented right on settlement at a yield well exceeding the target.

Overall the Empower Wealth team have made the experience of purchasing our first investment property easy for us and very well structured and look forward to using your services in the future as per our property portfolio plan.

- Michael G.

The financial plan done up for us was exceptional and very detailed. I could refer to them very easily. Interaction between you guys and us was also really good. Any doubts we had were cleared up really quickly and your patience with us was very much appreciated. Just keep doing what you’re doing… You guys are awesome!!!

- Sridaran V.

It’s great to work with a team that is passionate about what they do. The whole process was made easy and educational, from the portfolio plan with Ben Kingsley & Michael Pope, through to finance and purchasing the property. We brought our first property while on holiday overseas and are now planning our second investment property. We highly recommend Empower Wealth to anyone who wants to get started or needs help in property investing.

- Rob C.

The overall service was great. I work away a lot and having a Buyers Agent there to help take care of all the finer details to buying a house. Being able to organise all the inspection times to minimise the impact on my time when I was at home was awesome. Also it was the first time my partner had gone through the process of buying a house and our Buyers Agent was able to go through all the steps and help her work out all the things that were important to her in the selection process. Highly recommend Empower Wealth to anyone.

- Ben S.

The correspondence was fantastic, emails were answered promptly. You were able to explain everything in a way that my wife and I could understand in an area we know little about.

- Peter B.

Expertise advice on what was best for our situation and how to handle our money and keep in budget. The elements of service that we’re most impressed with is the great communication throughout the process and making sure we totally understood what was happening with our new home loans!

- Sharyn R.

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