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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Your Call to Choose a Wealth Road less Travelled

Our minds are an amazing tool and mysterious in the way in which they operate.  They allow us to understand and size up risks pretty much every moment in our lives, from driving motorcars to jumping out of perfectly good aircrafts.  With each of us having our own individual mindset to determine what risks we plan to take in life every day.

Remember when you were a child and potentially looking down a flight of stairs that you thought might be a bit dangerous to walk down.  How did you overcome this fear? – Some of us don’t even register this fear and others register this fear as potentially life threatening, yet each of us have overcome the challenge of managing stairs at some point in our lives, because we assessed the risk, learnt the skills required and overtime, we practice the skill to eventually master the art of a safe passage down a staircase.

Obviously this is a simple example, so let’s look at a more complex example.

How would you master the art of parachuting out of aircraft?  Firstly you need to overcome some huge fears, such as height, speed, weather, getting into one of those small (unreliable) aircrafts, etc.

One of the first things you would do is talk to others who have been there before.  Ask them questions about how they overcame their fear and why they took the risk in the first place.  Then you would seek professional assistance to educate you in the teaching you’ll need, and if it was me, I’d want to work with experienced people, given the risk.  Plus you want to draw on this knowledge to ensure you react sensibly in the event of an unforeseen event.  You are most likely going to need assistance right throughout this process to get your mindset right before you even contemplate such a risky venture and to beat your fear to achieve your goal.

Ultimately though at some point you are going to have to take that first step, take action, take that leap of faith, just as you did as a small child in learning how to negotiate steps, because if you don’t it will impact on your life in some way.  Now from a parachuting point of view, not to many of you are thinking it going to have too much of an impact on your life if you do or don’t jump, but in many other areas of your life, it will have tremendous positive or negative consequences.

Your level of wealth is no exception.  The choices we make today and every day leading up to our retirement has an impact of the level of wealth and the quality and standard of living you enjoy in retirement.  Not forgetting the actual date that we can or are able to retire.

My message here is very clear, in certain times in our lives some tasks may seem impossible or just too hard to grasp, just in most cases over time we manage to achieve them, whether it be on our own or through the assistance of others.

I believe one would be crazy to attempt tasks that are beyond themselves, without seeking advice, assistance, knowledge and understanding to overcome their fear.

Whether good or bad, so much of our lives and the experiences we enjoy in life have a monetary value attached to them, so fear and ignorance are not an option when it comes to money and wealth.  There’s not a moment too soon in one’s life that this matter or task needs to be addressed and the choices you make about the advice and education you build needs to be of the highest quality, yet it doesn’t have to be complex or complicated, if you have professionals helping you.

You wouldn’t medically operate on yourself, would you?  Yet the fear of not operating could result in death.  Dramatic I know, but the same applies about your wealth, if you don’t know what you’re doing, get some education and understanding to alleviate some of the risk and fear, and let the professional people in this space do their thing, otherwise the outcome of no action will result in less wealth for you and your family.

Having assisted and guided hundreds of people in their wealth creation pursuits in watching them go for a point of fear and uncertainty to now being on their way to financial independence (some are already there too!), I can assure you that your mindset shifts to a position of understanding and comfort, just as it did when you learnt to walk those stairs.

Get help and start creating your wealth today!

Remember, Knowledge is Empowering……….

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