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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

The Market in 2015

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In this episode of Real Estate Talk, Kevin Turner interviews Bryce Holdaway and ask him what is going to happen to the Australian Property Market in 2015. Bryce says there are some clear signals about how buoyant the market will be this year and he tells us about some markets that he believes will show good growth this year. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Kevin: This time every year, we always like to take a look ahead. It’s easier to look back, but what’s coming up into 2015? I’m talking to Bryce Holdaway now who is the co- host of Location, Location, Location Australia– a great show on LifeStyle television – and also a partner and director at Empower Wealth along with Ben Kingsley.

Good day, Bryce. How are you doing?

Bryce: I’m good, Kevin. How about you?

Kevin: Good mate. I was just watching your video that’s on the website there, too, where you and Ben did your overview of 2015 or your look ahead. I thought we might just spend little bit of time and talk about that. Where do you see the market heading this year?

Bryce: It’s an interesting question when someone says, “Where do you see the market heading?” I think the thing is that anyone who has been investing long enough knows that Australia is not one big market. It’s made of hundreds and hundreds of sub-markets.

I guess probably the major story of 2015 is that there are a few cycles that are probably at the top end, there are a few that have probably had a pretty good run of late, and there are a couple that are looking really good in terms of the upside.

Kevin: We’ll talk about a few of those. But it was certainly demonstrated in 2014, wasn’t it, just that variety in markets around Australia?

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