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Property with $0 Deposit

Saving deposit to buy your first property is one of the hardest things for most of us to achieve, especially if we are paying hefty rents in the meantime. Take, for example, the Sydney property market, where the median dwelling price is $660,000 and you need a hefty $132,000 for a 20% deposit. By the time you save your deposit there's no predicting...

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Sky-high Vacancies

Many investors look for properties with high capital growth opportunities but fail to recognise external factors that could increase their chances of experiencing rental vacancies. Our team explains more in the March 2014 issue of Smart Property Investment Magazine. As property investors, rental vacancies means a lot - cash flow, mortgage paym...

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Spot the Illusionists

Some investors don't realise that a large portion of their property purchase price is actually being used for commission payments. In the March 2014 Issue of Smart Property Investment (SPI) Magazine, Ben Kingsley writes about the operators or property investment advisors in the property investment industry who are vying for business and how to iden...

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Retire Sooner and Richer

Maximising your profits through property investing may be best achieved over the long term, but there are smart strategies you can use now to fast-track your profit an retire sooner. In the December 2013 Issue of Your Investment Property Magazine (YIP Magazine), Ben Kingsley, our CEO & Founder contributed to the cover story: Retire Sooner and...

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Location is your Trump Card

It is easy to inspect a property and lose yourself in it, even if you are an investor and is trying your best to stay emotionless. After all, who can ignore the fancy but practical new kitchen, the newly renovated bathroom, spacious and cleverly built in robes. But what if the property is located right next to the rail line or in the wrong suburb? ...

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It’s all about you

Capital growth or yield? The investment strategy you pursue should depend entirely on your own personal circumstances and there is no absolute one-size fits all strategy. Despite what others might have told you buying an investment property with strong growth means nothing if you can’t find any cash flow to hold the property in the first place. A...

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What type of Property Investor are you?

Understanding what type of property investor you are is essential in developing the most appropriate investment strategy. In the September 2013 – Smart Property Investment Magazine (SPI Magazine), Ben Kingsley writes his opinion towards selecting a strategy that fits you rather than a strategy that is popular in the market. To do this, requires a...

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Invest like an Expert

When it comes to getting from point A to Point B, the journey is not always ‘as the crow flies’. Throw in some complexity – make point B a courageous goal – and you’ll find that suddenly, the ways to reach that end are numerous. In the September 2013 Smart Property Investment Magazine, Ben and other experts in the industry is featured ...

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How to create an insanely effective purchase plan

If you’ve started off buying property haphazardly, with no clear plan on when and what to buy next, you’re not alone. Many of us buy what we can when we can, most of the time. But, according to experts, doing it this way is not only inefficient but also attracts unnecessary risk. Without a clear game plan on how you’re going to grow your p...

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The Overlooked Market Factor

If capital growth is high on your investment agenda, owner occupier trends need to be on your radar. In the August 2013 - Smart Property Investment Magazine, Ben Kingsley writes about the need to assess a whole range of factors influencing the property market if order to be a successful property investor. More often than not though, one of the most...

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Buy Property with Zero Repayments

Wouldn’t you love to own a rental property that doesn’t cost you a cent in repayments? Imagine how nice would it be to have the investment property paying for itself and you needn't worry about skipping a weekend out to save the money needed to that next loan repayment. Well, it is possible – you just get the tenant to pay the mortgage. With ...

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