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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

How to create an insanely effective purchase plan

YIP Magazine – 7 Easy steps to creating a purchase plan that rocks - August 2013 thumbnailIf you’ve started off buying property haphazardly, with no clear plan on when and what to buy next, you’re not alone. Many of us buy what we can when we can, most of the time.

But, according to experts, doing it this way is not only inefficient but also attracts unnecessary risk. Without a clear game plan on how you’re going to grow your portfolio, you could end up with undiversified assets or, worse, unable to grow your portfolio at all as you hit the serviceability wall. One of the experts featured in this article is Bryce Holdaway, Empower Wealth’s Director, Property Advisor and Buyers Agent and co-host of Location Location Location Australia. Click the picture to read more!

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