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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

Sky News Real Estate (May 2018) – Buyers Agents Tips and Property Market Update

Bryce Holdaway appears on SKY News Real Estate, discussing Buyers Agents tips, the right time to renovate and the predictions for Perth’s property market — is the turnaround finally expected to happen? Joining him on the panel is his co-host of Location, Location, Location, Veronica Morgan.

The full questions answered are:

Question about the Perth Property Market from Derrick:

I currently have a proper south of Perth — about 40 minutes out — my question is, obviously the market’s taken a bit of a slump due to the mining down turn, what’s the predictions on the turnaround of the Perth market?


Question about from Kate

My husband And I are ready to downsize our Maroubra home after 17 years. The house is in pretty good condition, but the bathrooms and kitchen are pretty shabby. Should we spend the money to put in a new kitchen and bathrooms before we sell or is it better to leave those to a new owner who might want to do their own thing?

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