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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Sky Business Channel, Your Money Your Call (Aug 2014)

In the 25th of August session of SKY Business News Channel, Your Money Your Call, Ben Kingsley joins Margaret Lomas and Brad Matthews from RESCOM to discuss different aspects of property across Australia. This time, they answered a number of emails and calls from viewers and some of the topics are:

  • During the GFC times when Australia Property Market were going downwards, Melbourne’s market stayed strong but later on , stagnated for a period of time. Now, there seems to be a bit movement. The panel discuss if this is true and how the prospect is looking like considering the election is end of this year and unemployment is on the rise.
  • What are the implications of insuring your investment properties for a lower premium by insuring them for its mortgage value.
  • Property Investment at Dubbo, NSW and Blackstone, QLD. How’s the potential for rental and capital growth in these areas?
  • What’s the potential for investment properties in Mackay, VIC particularly for off-the-plan investments.
  • and more


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