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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest??

pay off your mortgageHave you ever wanted to pay off your mortgage — aka do everything in your power to make sure the damn thing is no longer hovering over your head like a big ol’ black and threatening cloud?

Have you ever wondered if doing this would ACTUALLY be in your financial best interest? Honestly, have you ever taken a minute to really think about it?

‘Cos if you’re like the majority of folks out there, then chances are, you might NOT have weighed up all your options here. In fact, maybe you might STILL believe that chipping away at your mortgage is, of course, what you should be  doing… after all, that’s probably what your parents, and their parents, and their parents’ parents, and on and on… said you should do, right?

The problem? You’re leaving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on the table.

Yes, millions.

What amount exactly are we talking about here? Well, if you pay down your mortgage at the exclusion of all else… then you’re effectively walking away from a ripe ol’ money bag of more than $2.4 million!

Yes, it IS as crazy as it sounds.

So… what’s the alternative?

Investing, of course!

But, before you think, “I can’t afford to invest in property” or, I don’t want to sacrifice my lifestyle to build a property portfolio”… think again. Because there’s another EVEN BETTER option that you most likely haven’t considered is even possible… You can Invest WITHOUT Sacrificing The Family Budget!!

And in Money Magazine’s May Cover Story, Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest, Empower Wealth Founder and Managing Director, Ben Kingsley, explains the little known trick to invest AND pay off your mortgage (only a little later than you might’ve originally assumed necessary) AND end up with an extra $2.4+ mil to your name!

Simply click on the above picture to read the full article, or CLICK HERE to Read The Full Article: Should I Pay Off My Mortgage or Invest In Property?


The Key Takeaways in The Article…

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