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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate March 2022: When Will We Have The First Rate Rise?

There’s a lot happening in the world since Ben’s previous RBA update and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of great news out there from a geopolitical point of view.

Here are the key themes for this month’s economic update:

  • What does Russia’s invasion of Ukraine mean for the global economy?
  • When will the first rate rise be?
  • How will the reopening of international borders affect the Australian economy?

And here are all the time stamps!

00:29 – Current imposed sanctions on Russia
04:59 – Russia-Ukraine War & its impact on the global economy

World Economic Update Segment:

7:09 – United States: GDP
7:42 – United States: Inflation
9:26 – United Stated: Interest Rates
10:40 – United Stated: Retail Spending
11:38 – China: Overall Economy Outlook
12:44 – Europe: Overall Economy Outlook
13:38 – Equity Markets

Australian Economy Segment

14:56 – The Cash Rate Announcement!
15:27 – RBA’s Statements: Inflation
16:50 – RBA’s Statements: Wages Growth
21:29 – Consumer Sentiment
23:01 – Retail Spending
25:45 – Australian Dollar
26:46 – Business Confidence & Conditions
30:44 – Unemployment
33:20 – Business Insolvencies

Australian Property Market Update

35:32 – Building Approvals
38:29 – Housing Credit
39:51 – International Borders Reopening

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