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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate February 2022: Biggest Sure Bet Prediction for Property this year

It’s the first RBA Announcement of the year so there are lots to catch up on folks!

The last update was exactly two months ago and a LOT has happened since then (take the inflation rate for example!) so tune in for some jam-packed economic update.

Here are the key themes for this month’s economic update:

  • The global Omicron wave of the pandemic still playing havoc with the world’s and the Australian economies.
  • Will the RBA hold it nerve on the cash rate in 2022, or will the risk of rising inflation force its hand?
  • What is my biggest sure bet prediction for property this year?

And here are all the time stamps!

01:48 – A summary of the health of the World Economy

World Economic Update Segment:

12:38 – United States: Interest Rates
11:58 – United States: GDP
12:29 – United Stated: Inflation & Interest Rate
15:07 – United Stated: Labour Market
15:35 – United Stated: Housing Market
16:14 – China: GDP
16:37 – China: Overall Economy Outlook
17:50 – China: Interest Rates
18:55 – China: Trade Surplus
19:43 – Europe: Overall Economy
20:48 – Equity markets

Australian Economy Segment

21:45 – The Cash Rate Announcement!
22:00 – RBA’s November 2021 Board Meeting Minutes
22:45 – RBA’s Vide on Inflation
22:40 – RBA’s Statement on Inflation
27:00 – The Cash Rate Announcement!
27:18 – What’s Next for RBA?
29:15 – Unemployment
30:39 – Consumer Confidence & Sentiment
33:45 – Retail Spending
34:48 – Business Sentiment

Australian Property Market Update

36:34 – CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index
38:09 – Census Data
38:36 – 2022 Market Outlook

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