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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate June 2022: Onwards & Upwards: How high will interest rates go?

The temperatures are dropping, the end of the financial year is nigh and the Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to lift cash rates for the second consecutive month.  

The official cash rate has now been lifted by 50 basis points – the biggest rate hike in 22 years – and now sits at 0.85%. The question now remains: How high can we expect rates to rise, and when?  

A certain sector within the property market is also facing a new threat…how will it impact the wider industry if it crumbles under pressure?  

Here are our three other key themes for this month’s economic update: 

  • Persisting global inflation challenges
  • We have a new Federal Government with their hands on the economic wheel – the big question is, how well can they drive? 
  • The RBA is at it again increasing the cash rate – and they’re not done yet… 

And here are all the time stamps!

0:42 – The Global Oil Story

World Economic Update Segment:

4:18 – United States: Inflation
4:50 – United States: GDP
5:14 -United States: Consumer Confidence 
6:00 – United States: Interest Rates
6:30 – United States: Overall Economy Outlook (There is some positive news!)  
7:45 – China: COVID-19 Restrictions
8:40 – China: Economic Stimulus Measures
9:40 – China: Retail Sales
10:00 – China: Industrial Production
10:24 – China: Manufacturing & Services PMI
11:14 – China: Overall Economy Outlook 
12:10 – Europe: Inflation
13:27 – Europe: Overall Economy Outlook

Australian Economy Segment

15:08 – The new Cash Rate…what can we expect from future announcements?
16:02 – Should you fix your rate?
16:28 – A new Federal Government 
19:48 – Australia’s GDP: How good is the current economy?  
21:53 – Jobs & Unemployment 
23:32 – Wage Growth  
24:13 – Consumer Confidence & Sentiment  
25:39 – Retail Sales 
26:44 – Business Confidence & Conditions 
25:09 – Private Capital Expenditure (Capex)

Australian Property Market Update

30:05 – Is there a crisis developing in the New Build sector?
36:06 – Corelogic Monthly Dwelling Princes Index – June 2022
37:33 – General Media Commentaries
38:48 – Overall property Outlook  

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