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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Cash Rate April 2022: An Invasion, a Mandate and a Federal Budget… What does this mean for you?

Another month, another cash rate! A lot has been happening both internationally and domestically over the past month. The Russia-Ukraine war continues, the floods in QLD & NSW, the release of the Federal Budget 2022/23 and heaps more.  

If you’re interested in understanding who the winners and losers of the Federal Budget 2022/23 are, make sure to tune in to Episode 384 of The Property Couch’s podcast where we unpack everything on the budget as well as answer a few of our listeners’ questions. You can tune in here >> 

Back to today’s RBA release, here are our three other key themes for this month’s economic update: 

  • The current economic impact of Russia’s invasion 
  • Will China’s Covid elimination mandate cause further global supply & inflation problems? 
  • What’s next for the Aussie Economy? 

And here are all the time stamps!

00:35 – The current economic impact of Russia’s invasion 

World Economic Update Segment:

7:09 – United States: GDP
5:44 – United States: Interest Rates 
8:22 – United States: GDP 
8:40 – United Stated: Inflation 
9:10 – United Stated: Employment 
9:42 – United Stated: Personal Incomes 
10:02 – United Stated: Consumer Confidence 
10:40 – United Stated: Retail Sales 
11:38 – China: Overall Economy Outlook 
14:45 – Europe: Overall Economy Outlook 
16:41 – Equity Markets 

Australian Economy Segment

19:50 – The Cash Rate Announcement! 
20:21 – RBA’s Statements: Inflation 
21:26 – RBA’s Statements: Next Rate Rise 
23:41 – Federal Budget 2022: Overview 
25:33 – Federal Budget 2022: Spending 
26:09 – Federal Budget 2022: Deficit 
27:01 – Consumer Sentiment 
28:06 – Retail Spending 
28:56 – Unemployment 
30:25 – Business Confidence & Conditions

Australian Property Market Update

35:3232:14 – Housing Credit 
32:35 – Building Approvals 
34:49 – CoreLogic’s Home Value Index – 31 March 2022 
37:10 – Overall Property Outlook 

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