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2024: The Golden Year of Tax Planning

Get ready to dive into the ultimate tax strategies for the year 2024. This year, tax deductions are your golden ticket to hefty savings! Join Ben and Julia as they walk you through the ins and outs of tax planning, especially for those earning between $45,000 and $135,000. From smart record-keeping tips for work expenses, home offices, to renta...

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3 Crucial Tips Before Selling Your Property!

Are the increasing interest rates making you ponder selling your property? You're not alone! BUT Hold onto Your Property!Before you make that significant decision, take a look at this brief video to ensure you've thoroughly thought through these 3 essential must-dos! Should you be in search of experienced and qualified advisors, we're here t...

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Why Now is NOT The Time to Sell Your Property

We've been catching wind of investors offloading their properties lately. With the surge in interest rates, it's entirely understandable. However, are there alternative avenues for you? Watch this short video to discover the happenings during past crises and why holding on to your property might be a wise move to steer clear of potential f...

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How To Protect Your Personal Data

An Empower Wealth Data Security Update There are more resources, tools, and devices connected to the Internet than ever before. While there are great benefits to accessing digital information quickly and easily via the internet, this also means an increased risk of unauthorised access to personal data. At Empower Wealth, we take data securit...

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