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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Property Investment Advisor of the Year Award – 2014

YIP Magazine – Ben Kingsley Property Investment Advisor of the year 2014 - Dec 2014 THUMBNAILWe are proud to announce that Ben Kingsley has recently won the Property Investment Advisor of the Year Award from Your Investment Property Magazine’s Readers Choice Award.

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Apart from the review in the article, below is another.

Firstly, Ben has been more than our property investment advisor, he’s also our buyers advocate.

Why Ben? It’s simple…..he cares, he’s honest, he listens and he’s trustworthy. These are the qualities over and beyond any technical expertise that attracted ourselves to Ben and Empower Wealth. These values that Ben holds are reflective of all staff we have dealt with in the company. Ben is very time poor but we have never feel like we are chasing him and when we have a session with him it will go for as long as it needs to go for…..until he answered all of our stupid questions. The record session was 2 1/2 hours and not once did we feel that Ben had any other clients. It was all about us!

On top of these personable qualities and values, Ben has an extensive knowledge of the Australian property investment market. He’s taught both myself and my wife about investing in property from what was a very low base. Again, just another example of the time and effort he puts towards his clients.

Ben is currently our buyers agent (on top of all his other roles) for a Brisbane investment property. I can only imagine that this is an extra load that he doesn’t need but we have never felt its too much for him. Ben has had the opportunity on two occasions to push us into a sale and if he pushed we probably would of been sold. However, Ben puts his clients needs first and if its not quite right he will keep pursuing for the correct purchase, remembering this is a guy with no time and a sale would of put a hold on the Brisbane trips….but that’s not how Ben operates. A comment that will always stick with me with Ben was during a session he stated “I don’t want to have sleepless nights over your purchase”. The reason why this sticks out for me is based on all the points above. He cares. Our investment is his investment.

Investing in property is long term. Ben’s relationships with his clients is also this. In an industry there are a lot of sharks wanting a short term win, meeting Ben and the Empower Wealth team was surprisingly refreshing and we will continue to recommend friend and families to Ben’s business.

Mike and Liz M. (2014)

 Interview with Ben Kingsley

We are passionate and determined to continue providing honest and independent property advice to assist our customers in building a wealthier tomorrow. This award is a testament to the work we are doing and it reinforces our belief that we are on track. We would not have won this award without the support from our customers and so, on behalf of Ben and the rest of the team, we thank all our customers and potential clients and we promise to continue providing the best service possible.

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