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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

One on One with Bryce Holdaway – May 2015

In this episode of Look at Property Season 9, Bryce Holdaway, Partner and Buyers Agent of Empower Wealth joins Julie McBeth in the discussion around the Property Market in Australia and how it is more important than ever to be a borderless investor especially if you are in Sydney. As we all know, the property value in Sydney at the moment is beyond what we call fair market value. Investors and home buyers are buying more on emotions and logic and perhaps a Fear of Missing Out mentality as well. Bryce will also be sharing some of his tips to make sure you protect yourself and avoid getting burn by investing in property.

Bryce and Ben have also recently started a podcast called The Property Couch | The Insider’s Guide to Property Investing. To start listening to the podcast, click here.

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