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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

My Big Fat Property Mistake

API Magazine – The trouble with Tugun - Sept 2015 THUMBNAIL 2If you ask any property investors out there if they’ve made any mistakes along the way, the answer would most probably be yes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve invested for a long time, you would make some property mistake along the way. That is the way most investors learn and hopefully, those mistakes aren’t irreversible. In this issue of Australian Property Investor (API) Magazine asked Bryce Holdaway to share his journey as a property investor including the mistakes that he has made. Here’s a snippet of this article:

“”I had a bit of success of my first couple of properties, so I thought I was just a legend and knew everything about property,” he says, laughing. The year was 2004 and a group of three, which included Bryce along with his business partner at the time and someone they knew from Coffs Harbour, put their heads together and came up with a plan, one they thought could net them a tidy profit. “We decided we’d undertake a property development project on the Gold Coast, having enver really done any significant development ourselves before” Bryce explains…”

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