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Property Zoning – Links to help you

Previously we’re written about Property Zoning 101 – Things you need to know about your investment property. That article discusses a lot about the foundation of zoning.

This time, we thought we’ll share some of the links that would help investors in finding out more about the zone their desired property is in.

Please bear in mind that we are NOT a property zoning expert so some of these links might be updated or changed in the future. It is imperative to consult experienced and professional advisor such as your solicitor, town planner or Local Council if you’re concerned of the zoning of your desired property.



New South Wales:

  • NSW Government – Department of Planning & Environment (DP&E)
    • Zoning –
      • Residential (R1; R2; R3; etc – low, medium, high density)
      • Neighbourhood Centres; Local Centres; Commercial; Mixed Use (B1; B2; B3; B4; etc)
      • General / Light / Heavy Industrial (IN1; IN2; IN3; etc)
  • NSW Planning Portal > Find a Property – can locate specific property by address to receive a report
  • BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) assessment – BASIX certificate required when building new of renovating greater than 50k. Ensure work is within BASIX targets and NSW home benchmarks. BASIX certificate is attached with development application for submission to council.
  • Local Environment Plans (LEPs) – guide planning decisions for LGA’s through zoning and development controls providing framework for the way land can be used. Proposals submitted to DP&E to determine if they have merit to proceed.
  • State Environmental Planning Policy
  • Land Checker – now available in NSW


South Australia


  • Source: Brisbane City Council – Interactive Mapping
    • Map Contents:
      • Zoning Map:
      • These zones guide the land use or type of development that may occur on a site (low/medium/high residential, character, mixed use, conservation, community facilities, etc.)
      • Overlays:
      • Provides breakdown on certain overlays such as Coastal Hazards; Erosion Prone; Medium & High Tide Inundation; Critical infrastructure and Movement Network; Flood; Heritage, etc.
    • Property:
      • Click on Property in top ribbon to get a report on holding, lot, zones, overlay, etc. details on a specific property
  • Fact Sheet: table on this sheet provides information on zones and precincts including corresponding colours used in the interactive map
  • FAQ: help guide and frequently asked questions



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