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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Money SMARTS: 7 Steps to Wealth

Money SMARTSDo you want to make money simple again? Have you ever wondered whether there’s a simple way to manage your money that optimises and minimises the amount of interest you pay to the bank while trapping more surplus and giving you peace of mind… all while committing no more than 10 minutes a month to manage it?

And wouldn’t it be great if such a system didn’t discriminate its effectiveness based on how much you earned or how you got paid and made it just easy to use foe a university student on casual wages as for a CEO earning a high salary?

Well, we think such a system does exist.

We call it the Money SMARTS system.


In this Money Magazine feature article, Ben and Bryce talk about the 7 Steps to Build Wealth as highlighted in their brand new book Make Money Simple Again.

The seven steps to financial peace are:

  • Gather
  • Sort
  • Calculate
  • Banking
  • Checkup
  • Tweak
  • Rollover

Plus, Ben and Bryce also reveal the power behind their “Grandparent’s Humble Jar System”, organised into…

  • Living and Lifestyle Jar
  • Credit Card Jar
  • Direct Payments Jar
  • Loans Jar
  • Provisionings Jar

Find out how these Jars work in  Episode 191 of The Property Couch 

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