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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

Are we about to experience a Property Boom?

Money Magazine – Are we about to experience a Property Boom - Nov 2012Recently, the Australian property market had had a good run. Properties prices are growing rapidly, banks’ interest rates on the other hand are dropping, home loans are increasing and even rental rates are increasing. It has been great on the property market but like always, what ever that goes up must come down. Are all these a symptom of a property boom?

Bryce Holdaway is featured in the November 2012 Issue of the Money Magazine, writing about the highly debatable topic – are we facing a Property Boom in Australia? This time around, Bryce explains why he don’t think that is the case and present a couple of factors that are supporting his theory. He will also be providing some real life examples as a Property Advisor and provide some tips on areas that are showing the potential to grow.

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