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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Are Sydney and Melbourne in a Property Bubble?

If you are house hunting or hosting an open for inspection, the phrase property bubble may be on your mind. The Treasury Sector said evidence showed that Sydney was “unequivocally” experiencing a property bubble as well as Melbourne. So, what does that means for home buyers, investors and the property market?  In this series of ABC News 24, Ben Kingsley, was asked if there is currently a housing market bubble particularly in those markets like Melbourne and Sydney. Here are the list of discussion:

  • Treasury secretary John Fraser has warned that Sydney is “unequivocally” in a property bubble. Is this true?
  • How’s the house and unit market performing differently in this market?
  • How the interest rate and possible movement is having an impact in household’s borrowing power and loan servicing in the future?
  • Are foreign investors contributing to the increasing property value and how are they affecting our economy?
  • Will the Australian Property Market collapse as the interest rates move upwards?
  • and more!


Watch the video to learn more.

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