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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

A Good Conveyancer Pays Dividends

We all acknowledge that buying property is a big financial commitment.  And an important professional involved in the purchase process is a Conveyancer.

Too often buyers make the mistake of bringing the Conveyancer in after they have purchased the property – BIG MISTAKE.

Good conveyancers can add a great amount of advice and values within the pre-signing stage of the buying process and given they are working for the buyers, they are on your side.  They can help with reviewing the contract for any unusually clauses which could result in exposing the buyer to more potential expense. They can provide written clauses within the contract to better protect the buyers, etc

A good Conveyancer should also have their finger on the pulse regarding, the finance process, the banks processes, the real estate agents and vendor’s solicitors etc.

So skip or chase down cheaper conveyancing, because if it goes wrong, you’re the one who will be paying far more than their fees!

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