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Property success from our buyers agents

These Property Success Stories are mostly related to our Buyers Agent service where they share a real-life journey that they undertook with their clients. In each short article, we explains the client’s brief, strategy that they adopted and some negotiation tips that helped in successfully securing the property.

Jessica & Kenneth’s Journey

Recently we had an unusually long assignment. We were given the exciting task of finding a home for a family of four who currently live in Singapore. They will be returning to Australia at the end of the...

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Matt’s Journey

Three weeks ago I embarked on an assignment for a wonderful client who had a tailored property investment brief targeting a high growth, unique property in Melbourne’s south east. With a budget of less than $600,000,...

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David & Mina’s Journey

With a budget of only $300,000, it was my goal to find a good investment property within 13km of the city. I was also looking for something on a serviced rail line, near a vibrant cafe...

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Renee & Alan’s Journey

I met two wonderful clients at a home show last year. They had been dreaming of investing in property, but for various reasons hadn’t made the firm decision to commit to a strategy. Perhaps they hadn’t...

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Terry’s Journey

We swooped in, took the buyers by surprise and secured this fabulous three bedroom villa unit two weeks prior to auction. With a gross rental return of 4.4%, and being a moment’s walk from busy Barkly...

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Daniel & Monica’s Journey

I was engaged to bid on behalf of clients on a three storey, three bedroom street frontage property in Fitzroy North. The vendors had already purchased and their desired settlement was particularly tight. As I said...

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George & Kelly’s Journey

Last Saturday, I bid at my first auction for 2014. As the day got closer, the temperature forecast got higher. I was relieved that the auction was scheduled for 10.30am, and equally relieved that George and...

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Dave & Annie’s Journey

Last week I had the pleasure of securing a 3BR 1950’s era brick home in a beautiful location within Ballarat for two very special clients. The brief was particularly challenging for two reasons; firstly, they had...

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John’s Journey

Now that the summer season’s upon us, it’s been a big sigh of relief for real estate agents (including buyer’s agents!) to take a well-earned break. January is a time when many agencies take a breather...

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Gary & Leanne’s Journey

On the end of December 2013, I was engaged to bid at auction for two delightful clients. There were limited auctions running on the day, but it was nonetheless a vibrant day for many agents and...

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