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Property success from our buyers agents

These Property Success Stories are mostly related to our Buyers Agent service where they share a real-life journey that they undertook with their clients. In each short article, we explains the client’s brief, strategy that they adopted and some negotiation tips that helped in successfully securing the property.

Olivia & Connie’s Journey

Olivia and Connie heard about us at one of the CPA Presentations that we did a few years back and decided to get in touch. They were looking to build a property portfolio in order to...

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Paul & Kate’s Journey

Paul and Kate* from Sydney, had purchased investment property previously on their own. Although they had made sound decisions, the properties in their portfolio were returning better yields than property growth. As a younger couple in...

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Michael and Ellie’s Journey

An Englishman Doctor and his wife, with permanent Australian residency, were keen to get into the investment market. Michael and Ellie* resided in NSW where they had purchased a family home. Before engaging us they utilised...

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Brad & Prue’s Journey

Brad and Prue* were based out of Western Australia and already owned an investment property in Queensland. Weekly listeners of “The Property Couch”, they were unsure how much they should spend on the next investment property....

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Josh & Jane’s Journey

Taking a high profile position on the other side of the world, and referred to our services by an existing customer, Josh and Jane* enlisted the help of our buyer’s agent Christa Batt to secure and...

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Gary & Gemma’s Journey

Making a commitment to get this property investment thing “right” and build a worthy property portfolio – Gary and Gemma*, both from analytical professions, responsibly sought the services of our dedicated planning team. With a couple...

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Paul & Belen’s Journey

Based in New South Wales, Paul* was introduced to Empower Wealth through The Property Couch Podcast. He liked the ideas around Empower Wealth’s methodology and was keen to talk to us. Belen was already a switched...

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Gary’s Journey

Gary* contacted Empower Wealth after listening to The Property Couch podcasts. A bachelor of sorts and living with three other lads, Gary realised that the good income he was earning should be invested more wisely. As...

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Andrew & Anna’s Journey

Andrew and Anna approached Empower Wealth after researching and interviewing several Property Investment Advisory businesses.  Immediately they understood a good strategy was required to show how they could build a quality property portfolio. The Search process...

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Joshua & Gillian’s Journey

Joshua and Gillian* were avid listeners (and still are) of The Property Couch Podcast and decided to make enquiries in regards to lending and Buyer Agent Services.  Gillian had purchased an investment property before,  and wanted...

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