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Property success from our buyers agents

These Property Success Stories are mostly related to our Buyers Agent service where they share a real-life journey that they undertook with their clients. In each short article, we explains the client’s brief, strategy that they adopted and some negotiation tips that helped in successfully securing the property.

Ben & Sarah’s Journey


Ben and Sarah* were listeners of The Property Couch and decided to get in touch with us for tailored property investment advice. Little did they know that they would soon become one of our success stories!...

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Joel’s Journey


Joel, an avid listener to The Property Couch, was living in Western Australia while he engaged in a range of our specialists services. As a first time investor, Joel was after secure advice about how to...

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Peter & Clare’s Journey

Peter & Clare* were already in the Melbourne market with their first home, their Principal Place of Residence. Wanting to use this PPOR to kick start a rewarding property investment journey, they had great intentions to...

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Kevin & Lisa’s Journey


Kevin and Lisa*, a lovely couple based in Melbourne, were eager to build their property portfolio after lengthy discussions on their life goals. They dreamed of all the good things in life: more time with loved...

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Cas & Rei’s Journey

Self Managed Super Fund Success

Cas and Rei*, a lovely couple based in Melbourne were wanting to kick start their property portfolio. They were on the hunt for two properties to achieve a passive income for retirement. One for pure investment...

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Matt’s Journey


Based in WA and working in the mines, Matt*, was time poor but in a financial position where he was ready to purchase his first investment property. Wanting to tap into all the relevant markets across...

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Thomas & Jane’s Journey


Talented and artistic couple, Thomas and Jane*, were based in London with their children. Hearing about our services online and realising that we offer these services to international clients as well as those in Australia, they...

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Brad & Mary’s Journey

borderless investors

Sydney based professional couple, Brad and Mary*, were eager to become borderless investors. They set their heights on the Melbourne market not only to achieve high growth opportunities from their investment, but also to establish a...

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Mia’s Journey

Mia* and her partner were passionate about property. Both had previously used the services of a Melbourne Buyers Agent, but after listening to Ben and Bryce on The Property Couch and having an initial chat with...

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Michael’s Journey

Michael* discovered Empower Wealth after listening to Bryce and Ben on The Property Couch podcast. As a regular listener and already an avid investor, Michael, 30, definitely had his head “screwed on”! He was keen to...

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