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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Rent and Invest

Money Magazine - March 2016 Cover Pic Rent and InvestWe’ve previously talked about Rentvesting before, what is it and how it’ll work. This time on the Cover Story of the March 2016 Issue of Money Magazine, Ben Kingsley was invited to write about this investment strategy in more detail. It’s definitely a growing trend but it is important to note that this rent and invest is not for everyone.

Hence, in this article Ben demonstrates how this strategy would work in three different case studies. He’ll be looking at their income, living costs, mortgage repayments and other outgoing expenses, comparing that to what they want to achieve to determine how this rentvesting would work.

The case studies mentioned in this article are:

  • Young single mid-20s, earning $64,000 pa, can’t afford to buy in inner city.
  • Young family with two kids, $190,000 pa, need a bigger home for a growing family
  • Single mother, late-30s, $72,000 pa, rebuilding her life

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